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Lotus Metal Incense Burning Bowl

Lotus Metal Incense Burning Bowl

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These little decorative metal bowls are perfect for burning your favorite incense cones or herbs.  My favorite is using the Palo Santo Chips from the shop, but you can also use the White Sage Leaves to cleanse your home or crystals.

The top is open so it allows the smoke to flow through it, and the bottom is raised to allow burning.  But still be sure to place it on a safe surface and be careful not to touch it while it is hot!

A lotus-shaped metal incense burning bowl not only serves as a practical tool for incense enthusiasts but also carries deep symbolic meaning. The lotus flower, revered in many spiritual traditions, symbolizes purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. Using a lotus-shaped incense bowl in your meditation or relaxation practices enhances the ambiance, creating a serene and sacred space for contemplation. As incense burns within the delicate petals of the lotus, the fragrant smoke can help clear the mind, ease stress, and facilitate deep introspection. The lotus's connection to spiritual awakening makes it a powerful accessory for those seeking mindfulness and inner peace, making every incense-burning session a transformative and meditative experience.

Approx Size: 2.5" wide x 2" tall

You will receive one Bowl & Lid.  Palo Santo or Sage sold separately.


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 Incense Burner Bowl

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