Contempo Crystals Has a Copycat

Hello Contempo fam.  I'm writing because I unfortunately do get scammers who try to copy my website. There is NO Contempo Crystals Outlet or discount site at all!  I have only ONE website to purchase from, and that is this one - the site you are currently on.  I have owned this same domain since 2017. I do not use any different domains or any contempocrystals .shop or .net or .info or .co type of domains. This is my ONLY website.

There is NO Contempo Crystals Outlet. Period.

They are NOT affiliated with me in ANY way. Do not give them any information or money. The only Contempo Crystals discounts will come from me directly through e-mails or are discounted prices on THIS site.  I do not post coupon codes to any other website.

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I wanted to warn all of you to please, please, do not fall for these sites! Do not give them anything.  They can certainly NOT ship any of the items they claim to be selling as every item on their website is in MY possession.

Please note that I cannot be held responsible or liable for what these other sites do, or what happens if you give them your information.  I have no connection to them.


Thank you always for your support.

no outlet contempo crystals
If you want more proof I've been in business see the domain registration below. You can also see the history (also on Etsy previously) by using the 'Wayback Machine'.

And PS, to any scammers who see this... you should know that I have taken down several already and I know how to get you removed from Google, Bing, DuckDuck, and everything else so don't waste your time building a site. 


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