Crystal Grids & Tumbled Stones

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Crystal Grids & Tumbled Stones

Tumbled Crystals for Crystal Gridding

In today’s post we’ll be uncovering everything you need to know about crystal grids, including the ways you could set up and use them as well as which tumbled stones work well together in crystal grid templates.

We all know that crystals can gather and grow our energy, but most people have no idea how to use them. A great way to get benefits from your crystals is to learn how to make crystal grids. Because every crystal has its own vibration and can be set with a specific intention, when using a crystal grid, the crystals work together and intensify their abilities to bring our desires easier and faster.

I listed to a Hibiscus Moon video recently, and she said something I had never really thought of... try thinking of a crystal grid like you would think of a vision board.  Back when you used to cut out photos and words and such to create inspiration and your goals for your future.

Tumbled crystals can be paired together to experience more powerful benefits. For example, you can pair Moonstone and Amethyst if you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep. That’s why it’s ideal to get tumbled crystal sets. They’ll help you get started with your collection, get a variety of benefits and amplify them

Tumbled stones are powerful crystals that are very affordable. This makes them the perfect way to try out different crystals and fill in your collection. The most common way to get results are using them in a specific geometric order known as crystal gridding. 

What is a crystal grid?

What is a Crystal Grid?

Crystal grids are a specific arrangement of tumbled crystals using sacred geometry symbols. The properties of the stones that are used with the geometric configuration creates a unique energy combination. It actually channels, directs and enhances the energies from the crystals. The point of making these crystal grids is to focus on setting intentions for your desired outcomes.

Usually crystal grids include several kinds of tumbled crystals. The center stone, which is generally the largest crystal on the grid, is the anchor of energy. The other must have gemstones in a grid are the surrounding stones which are placed in a geometric shape around the crystal in the center. These crystals are the modifiers which broadcast the intention into the world. Optionally, you can add amplification stones such as quartz placed as an outer grid or between the surrounding stones. These particular stones serve to amplify the grid even more. A lot of people like to use small quartz points for this because they can better direct the direction of the grid energy.

Crystal grids are a powerful and aesthetic reminder of our goals. They provide accountability, self- awareness and inspiration for taking action which would only lead you closer to your dream life.

How to use tumbled stones for crystal grids

Which crystals should you pick for a crystal grid?

The crystal tumbles should be picked based on their specific effect or color which corresponds to one of the chakras. There are so many different crystal combinations for different intentions. One of the most popular ones for love is rose quartz and kunzite. If you’re looking for a tumble combination for healing you can pick amethyst, citrine and fluorite. Smoky quartz and hematite can be used for protection. You can also add clear quartz to all of the grids as connecting stones to fill up the space and amplify the energy.

crystal grid

How to Create Crystal Grids

  1. Prepping - get the outline for the grid (pick the intention, crystals and crystal grid patterns you will use), gather all the necessities (grab your crystals, draw or print out your crystal grid, write out your intention on a piece of paper, get your favorite candle and put on some calming music), find the right space in your home and cleanse yourself, the space, the crystal grid along with the crystals;
  2. Program the crystals - holding each stone in your one of your palms, close your eyes and visualize the specific intention entering the crystal in the form of energy;
  3. Placing - place your crystals on the grid by laying them down from the outside in or from the center out, typically the grid will have specific areas in which the crystals should be put, don’t forget to put the written intention under the center crystal;
  4. Activation of the grid - connect the dots between all the tumbles by either using your finger, a metal wand or another stone, while doing this you can also repeat a statement and visualize the intention being transmitted;
  5. Keeping up with the intentions - you can meditate after setting up your grid and also reconnect with the intentions again by meditating every few days for up to 40 days.
Tumbled Black Tourmaline Crystals

Conclusion in Gridding

Crystal grids can bring luck in any area of your life such as love, money, protection and anything else you can think of. They serve as a wonderful subconscious reminder of your intentions which will makes them more reachable. Other than that, they can beautify your space and make it feel special by setting the right ambiance.

What are Tumbled Stones?

Tumbled stones are brightly polished, small and rounded pieces of minerals. They are also known as “polished stones” and “baroque gems”. Tumbled crystals are used as décor and crafting different objects such as jewelry. They are also great souvenirs, collectables and stones with plenty of healing properties.

They can also be used while meditating because of the calming effect of the smooth surface. It’s good to carry them in pockets and purses as they increase clarity, prosperity, happiness and feminine energy. Tumbled crystals help with chakra balancing as well. Depending on the chakra, you can use a specific crystal. Often times the color of the crystal corresponds with the chakra.

Tumbled Green Malachite

Tumbled crystals are made by putting rough pieces of crystals in a rock tumbler, where they are tumbled and rounded. The last step is the polishing using aluminum oxide to produce a bright and shiny surface. The best materials for making tumbled crystals are colorful minerals with a Mohs hardness between 5 and 8 because they are durable and accept a good polish.


We offer a large variety of tumbled crystals that may include common minerals such as rose quartz, amethyst, aquamarine, as well as rare ones like obsidian, UV ruby feldspar, natural citrine and many others! If you’re just starting out your collection, you can also check out our tumbled “Crystals for Beginners Set” or make your very own!

One of my favorite books for an intro on crystal gridding is Crystals for Healing by Karen Frazier. It will give simple sample grid ideas for specific healing properties or life goals.


Crystal Grids & Tumbled Stones

crystal grid

healing crystal grid