The Best Crystals for Anxiety and Depression - Learn More!

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Crystals for Anxiety and Depression

Crystal for Anxiety and Depression

Crystals For Anxiety

In this post, we will learn about crystals and their association with treating anxiety and depression specifically, but we of course know crystals have several additional meanings and healing properties. 

We all have our bad days every now and then, but sometimes they linger for much longer. Perhaps something happened to make you feel bad, or the negative energy just appeared out of nowhere. Among many things, people are increasingly turning to the power of crystals to improve their emotions and they even employ using healing crystals for anxiety and depression.  While many people turn to different coping mechanisms (both healthy and detrimental), crystals are a different way of trying to combat anxiety and depression, and actually one that has been around for a long time. Whether you wear them or use them in your space, healing crystals can be really amazing.

When you’re experiencing overwhelming stress, or are going through situations that are making you anxious and scared, your body in its natural defense also awakens and becomes vulnerable. To begin healing, your stress must be eliminated or greatly reduced. More often than not, stress becomes such a big part of your life and all you need is a push in the right direction to initiate the healing process. 

Tiger Eye helps with self-esteem, courage & decision making.

Although there is no scientific evidence that crystals are an effective treatment for depression and anxiety, some people, notably meditation experts, swear by these stones when it comes to their personal experiences.  The good news is there is no harm to trying crystals to help with healing. When you put crystals on or around your body, you are connecting with the grounding and powerful energy that lies within the earth.

Medical websites have even written about it in regards to something like a placebo effect for crystals, which has been proven to help people in other situations (not necessarily crystals).  It's a quick read if you want to learn more.


What crystals are good for anxiety and depression?

Here are the 7 best crystals for anxiety or depression.  Once you have decided on a kind of crystal or multiple crystals, you can purchase them in your preferred formation (i.e., clusters, jewelry, palm stones, or other forms).

Rose Quartz & Crystal Bracelets are an easy way to carry crystals for anxiety and depression.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a gentle, pink stone that is also affordable. Since it does not cost a fortune to buy these crystals in higher quantities, it is one of the preferred crystals used to create healing grids. It is known for its ability to balance emotions. This is great for empaths who feel the emotions of those around them and become helpless. Rose quartz allows you to have a more controlled consciousness of your thoughts so that everyone else’s feelings do not affect yours. Additionally rose quartz helps promote joy and brings you out of times of despair.


Citrine induces feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and amplifies optimism. It can be used for managing anxiety and stress since it essentially eliminates any dreadful energy from your space.  It also helps with self-esteem and stopping you from your own destructive tendencies.


This crystal has been nicknamed “Drops of Sun” and “Tears of the Gods”. It is known for its god-like abundance of energy that fundamentally extinguishes negativity and causes complete serenity in those around the crystal. This crystal is not cheap, I actually haven’t purchased any just yet. It is very easy to mistake glass for amber, so be sure you are purchasing authentic amber to avoid being scammed.

Lapis Lazuli helps open the 3rd eye and speak your truth.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a stone characterized by its bright blue shading with white and gold highlights. This crystal is thought to have the ability to clear your head and make your thoughts flow like water. This makes way for confidence, creativity, and compassion, even in despair (helps you guide the external world by balancing your inner self). The color blue symbolizes honesty and openness, and any blue crystal is great for enriching communication.

Amethyst Keychains are also an easy way to keep crystal healing energies with you.


The amethyst symbolizes wisdom, royalty, and spirituality. Crystal clusters of amethyst instantly calm anxiety and panic. This is followed by a feeling of belonging, and faith that everything will be okay. Reducing your worries helps with intuition and relationships, as well as sleep. Form a healing grid of crystal clusters in your bedroom to facilitate sleep and soothe symptoms of insomnia or restlessness.

Tourmaline is a protective crystal that helps to absorb negative energy both from yourself and protects you from others’ bad energy levels.  It is a great stone to keep in your home or office because of this reason.  Especially after you have cleansed your space.

Black Tourmaline is a great stone for anxiety and depression as it absorbs negative thoughts and energy.


Lepidolite is definitely a stone associated with helping with stress, and especially allows one to remain calm in these times of your life.  Additionally Lepidolite helps with meditation, which can be of importance to curing oneself.


Other Honorable Mentions

When talking about crystals for anxiety and depression, there are numerous crystals to consider. Apart from the ones we have discussed above, here are some honorable mentions.

Pyrite - these crystals are mainly for business and career purposes (which can often cause stress), and to enhance feelings of motivation and good fortune.

Green Aventurine - This crystal is called the stone of opportunity, believed to align money-making opportunities for its user. So if your anxiety is money-based, green aventurine might be the perfect crystal for you. 

Rhodonite - This crystal attracts affection and love, by healing emotional traumas that come with heartbreak.

Smoky Quartz - Smoky quartz can be used for a very similar reason as the Black Tourmaline

Tiger Eye - Tiger eye can help with insecurities, self-esteem, courage and decision making which can all be important during times of stress and anxiety.

Sometimes 'Money Crystals' help with anxiety and depression if that is where it stems from.

There are tons of other crystals that may help depending on the root cause of your anxiety, depression, or worries.  You can take a look around the site to see if others might be a good fit.


Does Color Matter When Choosing Crystals?

In addition to crystal meanings, there is also color therapy, when using crystals for depression, it is recommended to select crystals that are orange in color. Apart from the fact that it is a beautiful color, it is also a really intense one. It is the hue of happiness and friendliness, love and affection, and you need a lot of these elements during anxiety or depression. This theory is not to say that any other color of crystal wouldn’t serve its purpose when using crystals for depression, it just insists that orange is also effective in color therapy.

You can actually shop by crystal color on the website, just head to the menu and scroll down.  For example, you can shop 'pink crystals' which will also cover a little bit on the color therapy and chakra associations.


How To Use These Crystals

Crystals can be used to meditate and manifest in various ways, and just like diets, crystal practices may not work the same way for different people, that is why it is advisable to try different methods and stick with what works for you. As mentioned before, some people choose to just wear crystals as jewelry, some add to home decor, and some use in crystal gridding or meditation.  Here are some ways that you can use crystals to meditate and manifest while coping with depression and anxiety.

Tiger Eye Palm Stones are great for meditation.

Hold A Crystal While You Meditate

This is one of the best ways to deal with anxiety and depression by bonding with your crystals via meditation. You can begin by holding them in one of your hands (preferably the one you don’t use much, because that tends to be more receptive), close your eyes, and don’t forget to focus on your breathing. While doing this, direct your thoughts to the positive things, and get rid of the negative things that give you anxiety or make you depressed. You might feel some kind of lightness like you’re sinking deep into the earth, but note that you might not feel anything either. Like we have discussed earlier, some crystals and practices might not resonate with you as an individual, and that is why you need to keep experimenting.

Place Crystals On Your Body

Rather than simply holding them, putting crystals on your body works completely differently. Placing crystals on the chakras that you need healing from is specifically effective. So if you need healing from anxiety or depression, the focus should be your mind, this means your head (third eye chakra,) and the base of your spine (root chakra,) is where you need to place your crystals.

Use Crystals For Your Decor

It is no wonder that crystals have become more popular in home decor over the years. Anti-social traits are major symptoms of anxiety and depression, this means that if you have anxiety or are depressed, you are most likely at home more often. You need crystals in your home in this situation, which can help you be more optimistic about the future.  In addition to their healing properties, beautiful crystals can just uplift your mood in general.

Use Crystals In The Shower

Taking a shower or bath in itself is a good self-care technique. Combining the relaxing feeling of washing yourself and the soothing energies of crystals can be very effective in coping with depression. Crystals can saturate your self-care routine with their properties. Always be careful about which crystals you choose, and not to drop them!

Black Tourmaline Necklace - Easy way to protect you from negative energy on the go!

Crystal Jewelry

This is one of the easiest ways of using your crystals. While many people like to wear crystals as jewelry, it could have a more powerful effect on your body than just a fashion accessory. You can purchase crystals as pendants, bracelet, or keep small crystals in your pocket where ever you go. Anxiety and depression are not location-based, so going out doesn’t cancel your depression. Anywhere you go, either you are just having fun, or finishing some work, the anxiety/depression goes with you


Crystals for Anxiety & Stress Gift Set


Depending on your needs, and the exposures you face, certain crystal clusters may be the perfect remedy. Once you have purchased them, you can place them nearby, form healing grids with them, meditate with them, or even just wear them as jewelry for everyday improvement. Regardless of how you use them, crystals may help with anything ranging from simple sleeping issues to consistent, bothersome thoughts.


I actually recently made a crystals for anxiety set (shown above) that you can check out here! It's a fun little crystal chocolate box format too, so it would make a great gift for a loved one who might be struggling.


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The Best Crystals for Anxiety and Depression - Learn More!

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