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Easy Way To Meditate With Crystals

crystal meditation

Crystal Meditation

In this crazy world, more and more people are turning to meditation to find a little peace during their day. The idea of meditation with crystals can feel a little complication and time-consuming for many but what if we told you about crystal meditation? Crystal meditation can be a really cool way to incorporate your love of crystals into a little peaceful ritual you can practice whenever you have time. Let's take a look at how to go about meditating with crystals and which crystals work best for meditation!


Getting started with crystal meditation

You might be thinking about needing to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of specialist equipment and trinkets to start your journey into crystal meditation but in reality, you just need yourself and the crystal or crystals of your choice. You can definitely go out and purchase anything you would like to furnish your meditation space or soundtracks to help you focus but really these things are just added extras which you can easily manage without!

If you already meditate or have some previous experience with meditation then you can always add crystals into your regular routine to turn it into crystal meditation. Adapting your current routine to include crystals is a great way to break into meditation with crystals and can help you to feel comfortable during your meditation sessions.

If you are completely new to meditation and crystal meditation then it may be a help to find some guided meditation tracks. You can find a quiet space in your home or wherever you feel most comfortable and choose some of your favorite crystals to start to meditate with. For some people, their meditation space can even be outside of their home for example in their gardens, on their balcony or even in a local national park. It is important that whichever space you choose, you can feel relaxed and focused there.

The best way to practice crystal meditation is to make it a part of your daily routine. Perhaps you can find ten minutes during your regular self-care routine where you can allocate a little time to meditate with crystals. By practicing regularly you will find yourself feeling more benefits from the meditation.

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Preparing For Meditating With Crystals

Of course, it is important that whichever crystals you choose to use for meditating with crystals have been prepared properly. To prepare crystals for use in crystal meditation you might want to cleanse them first and charge them with your energy.

You can cleanse your crystals by holding them in the smoke of incense, burying them in rice, placing in water, leaving them in the sun or moonlight and immersing them in the sounds of music or singing bowls. You must check which kind of crystals you are cleansing as some can be damaged when submerged in water or left in direct sunlight for too long. 

To charge your crystals with your energy you can hold them in your hands and imagine transferring all of your good vibes and positivity into the crystal. You can also wear them in the daytime or nighttime before you meditate with them to help align the crystal's vibes to yours.


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Grounding yourself

Before you start to meditate it can be really useful to practice grounding. This does not necessarily have to be a big spiritual experience where you run through nature barefoot expecting to experience a big metaphysical event. Instead, the practice of grounding can just be living in the moment. You can start by trying to let go of your past and push away thoughts of the future. Attempt to bring your mind to only the present moment. A great way to ground yourself is by thinking of what you can hear, see, touch, smell and taste at that exact moment. By running through all of your senses you bring yourself into the present moment completely.


Things to consider

Start to think about reasons you would like to start crystal meditation before you run off and grab the crystals you want to meditate with. Try to align your crystal choices with your intentions for the meditation for the best results. You can also consider the shape of the crystals, for example, a smooth palm stone can be a very relaxing shape to hold and focus on during meditation. You can also consider using crystals spheres, worry stones or smooth tumbles too! 

You will not experience particularly meaningful meditation with crystals sessions immediately or even every time. Meditation with or without crystals is a practice that can take many years to master and it might mean that you try a few different methods before you find one that works well for you!

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The different methods of meditating with crystals

Crystal Grids

You may have seen or heard about crystal grids before but did you know that they can be a really cool way to access the benefits of crystals during meditation without needing to have a bunch of crystals all over your body? If you choose to practice crystal meditation using a crystal grid then you should find your ideal meditation space and clear a spot for your crystal grid. You might purchase a cloth or board with a grid already laid out or you may choose to arrange them based on your own intuition, whichever method you choose, arrange your grid just in front of where you will be meditating. While arranging your grid think about the placement of the crystals and your intentions for the meditation session.


Using Chakras

If you have heard about reiki healing then you may already be familiar with chakras and how they can have different crystals which correspond with them. Chakras are different energy points throughout your body which can be used for healing purposes and each chakra has certain crystals that work well with these points. To perform crystal meditation using chakras you can arrange specific crystals along their corresponding chakras while meditating. This can be a very beneficial healing experience but you might need assistance to position all of the crystals correctly!

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Medidate With Crystals In Nature

For some people who enjoy spending time in nature or are lucky enough to live near a quiet, safe space in nature then they prefer to meditate using the sounds and visuals provided to them by their environment. This is a great low-budget way to feel relaxed and grounded by nature depending on where you live.


Crystal Meditation In Water

If you are the kind of person who enjoys a hot bath at the end of the day then you might prefer to use this time for meditation. You can set up a small grid or plate of crystals near your bathtub and use this time to enjoy a peaceful meditation session. To really make it a special experience you can add essential oils to your bathtub and burn candles in your bathroom too.

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Choosing Crystals For Meditation

When choosing the crystals and stones to use in crystal meditation you should think about the reasons why you are choosing to meditate. If you are seeking relaxation and peace your crystal choices might be different than if you are looking for success or romance.

Best Crystals For Meditation

Here are some great crystals to use in crystal meditation and their benefits:

  • Amethyst: A fantastic choice if you are looking to boost your sleep, aid relaxation, support better circulation throughout your body or work on your chakra balance.


  • Garnet: Reach for garnet if you are currently recovering from illness or feel like you need a little bit of spiritual cleansing. This is also a superb choice if you meditate with multiple crystals as garnet makes a really good base for other crystals to work with.


  • Clear Quartz: Clear quartz can be used during crystal meditation to reduce stress. It is another great crystal to use alongside other crystals to get the most out of your meditation.


  • Smoky QuartzSmoky quartz is a crystal which is known for grounding and protection. Reach for some smoky quartz if you struggle to remain in the present during your meditation sessions.


  • Lapis LazuliKnown for being able to enhance your spiritual development, lapis lazuli can be a super choice if you would like to expand your crystal meditation to a whole new spiritual level.
crystals meditation
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Easy Way To Meditate With Crystals

crystals meditation

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