Collection: Carved Crystals

Carved crystal pieces are a beautiful way to showcase certain stones.  In this section of the shop, you will find crystal spheres, beautiful polished crystal points and towers, crystal animal carvings, and other sacred geometry carvings like pyramids and cubes. 

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Crystal Carvings

crystal carvings

Crystal carvings can bring out the most amazing patterns and inclusions in crystals like rainbows, phantoms, enhydro bubbles and more. Some stones and crystals just look better polished! Like ocean jasper for example! In this section, you will find carved crystals in traditional shapes like crystal spheres, pyramids, points, and freeforms, but you will also find carved crystal skulls, crystal animal carvings, crystal moons and suns, and tons of other fun crystal designs!

Carved crystal shapes are created by an extensive process of cutting, polishing, and carving shapes. Because of the time and effort that goes into crystal carvings, they can at times cost more than raw crystals. If you take a crystal sphere for example, the sphere starts out as a larger cube or piece, and then must be cut and polished down into a sphere. It is not like a pebble or palm stone that can simply be created out of a scrap piece of crystal.

Depending on what shape of crystal carving you choose, it can change the meaning of the crystal you choose. This is a great way to get the specific vibes you need into your life more easily!

In addition to larger carved crystal display pieces, you will also find small tumbled crystals, palm stones, and mini crystal spheres or shapes in this section.

crystal carving


Carved Crystal - Crystal Spheres, Pyramids, Animals & More

carved crystal

Crystal Carving