Flat Rate Shipping on US Orders $200 or More

Orders $200 or more* will automatically qualify at checkout once the minimum is reached.  This minimum is after discounts and before any shipping or fees. You cannot combine two order totals to reach $200. The current rate is $11 and includes package protection provided by Route!

Typically orders over $200 will be charged the Medium, Large or Oversized shipping options which cost $15.50 to $48.

Available for addresses in the United States ONLY (sorry!)
*Purchases with a weight of 40lbs or more, and/or require more than one XL box (18" x 12" x 12") will only receive a 50% discount on their shipping fees.  I wish I didn't have to do this, but extra large shipments can be very expensive for me.  Please remember I'm a small business.

- - -


If using with the 'hold box' option, please note these shipping rules.
If you reach $200 on FIRST order (and type the hold note). You will automatically receive the discounted shipping at checkout.  If you place a second order... you will either receive a free shipping code in a 'custom listing' if purchasing from Instagram, OR I will refund you the shipping cost after checkout.

If you reach $200 on a SECOND order (aka you already have an open box that was under $200 and this second order is over $200 ON ITS OWN), I will refund you for the difference to get you to the flat rate price.

- - -

Discounted shipping is unfortunately NOT available on Payment Plan checkouts.

- - -

Some oversized items may not apply to these discounts at all.