Serpentine Crystal Meaning and Information

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Serpentine Stone

Peruvian Green Serpentine Crystal Obelisks with Pyrite

If you are looking to learn more about the serpentine crystal and its properties or meaning then read on! I'll also cover what serpentine typically looks like and a bit more on its history.

What does the Green Serpentine crystal look like?

This rock will have a wax-like or slippery feel with a shiny, granular, and fibrous appearance. Serpentine is a soft stone, rating 3-5 on the Mohs hardness scale. 

What is Serpentine Stone?

“Serpentine” is a group of minerals, not a rock. Therefore, a rock that contains mainly serpentine minerals will be referenced as “Serpentine.” The green serpentine stone contains the minerals chromium and cobalt; these minerals produce green colors. The theory of the formation of this stone is that it is created with high pressure and low-temperature metamorphism of the ocean’s crust or rock from the earth’s mantle.

Serpentine Crystal Meaning

Green Serpentine Crystal Turtle Carvings

Green serpentine is used as a source of magnesium as well as decorative ornaments. This rock was named after the serpentine snake because of its green color and slippery feel. 

Serpentine is believed to have many healing properties. It helps heal life wounds from your past, releases blocked energy within your heart chakra and realigns your energy field with the earth. In addition, using green serpentine in meditation is known to strengthen your spiritual connection and help with self-discovery.

More about Green Serpentine

Raw Green Serpentine Stone Gold Pyrite

In feng shui, the serpentine rock has Earth energy. Meaning that you should place the stones in the Southeast and East areas of your home as these areas are related to wealth, family, and abundance if you would like to attract prosperity. 

Chakra: Heart (Earth Element)

Localities: Russia, Switzerland, USA, Peru Pakistan and Canada.



Serpentine Crystal Meaning and Information

Serpentine Crystal

serpentine stone meaning