Serpentine Stone

serpentine stone

Serpentine Crystal

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If you are looking to learn more about the serpentine stone and its properties or meaning then read on! I'll also cover what serpentine crystal typically looks like and a bit more on its history. 

Green serpentine, also known as New Jade, is a powerful healing stone that has been used for centuries for its soothing and calming properties. It is known for its ability to help balance emotions and release negative energy. Serpentine is a magnesium silicate mineral that is typically found in metamorphic rock formations. Its name comes from the Latin word "serpens," which means serpent, due to its resemblance to the skin of a snake.

What does the Green Serpentine crystal look like?

Serpentine stone is easily recognizable by its distinctive characteristics. When you hold it in your hand, you'll notice its smooth, waxy texture, which gives it a somewhat slippery feel. Its appearance is equally remarkable, with a surface that can appear shiny and slightly lustrous, creating a captivating visual effect. As you examine it closely, you'll observe a granular and fibrous texture, almost like the delicate threads of nature woven together.  Serpentine is a soft stone, rating 3-5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

serpentine meaning

One of the most fascinating aspects of serpentine is its wide spectrum of green shades. It's like nature's palette of greens, ranging from a delicate, almost ethereal lime green to the deep and luxurious tones of emerald. These varying shades add to its allure, making it a stone that can cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

But serpentine crystal doesn't stop at its visual appeal. It often surprises with hidden treasures within its matrix. In certain formations, such as the Serpentine from Peru, you might discover the delightful presence of pyrite crystals. This unique combination adds a touch of sparkle and mystique to the stone, creating a harmonious blend of earthy greens and glistening metallic hues. Serpentine truly embodies the beauty and diversity found within the world of crystals and minerals, making it a favorite among collectors and crystal enthusiasts.

What is Serpentine Stone?

serpentine crystal

It's important to clarify that "Serpentine" isn't a single mineral but rather a group of minerals, and it's often referred to as a rock when it contains predominantly serpentine minerals. This distinction highlights the diverse composition of this stone. One of the key factors contributing to its green coloration is the presence of minerals like chromium and cobalt, which infuse it with various shades of green, from the lightest pastels to deep emerald tones.

The formation of serpentine stone is a fascinating geological process. It is believed to originate through high-pressure and low-temperature metamorphism, often occurring in the Earth's oceanic crust or within rocks from the mantle. This transformative journey within the Earth's layers imbues serpentine with its unique properties and colors, making it a testament to the incredible forces and time involved in the creation of these natural wonders.

What adds to the intrigue of serpentine crystal is its occasional partnership with other minerals, particularly pyrite. When serpentine and pyrite coexist within the same matrix, it creates a visually stunning contrast between the earthy greens of serpentine and the metallic luster of pyrite crystals. This natural collaboration showcases the remarkable beauty that emerges when different minerals come together in the depths of the Earth, resulting in the captivating serpentine stone we treasure today.

Serpentine Meaning

serpentine crystal meaning

Green serpentine, with its rich history and versatile uses, holds a special place in both the mineral and healing worlds. Its name, derived from the serpentine snake due to its vivid green color and smooth texture, captures the essence of this captivating stone.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, serpentine is revered for its profound healing properties. This stone is like a wise companion on life's journey, assisting in the healing of past wounds and releasing blocked energy within the heart chakra. By harmonizing your energy with that of the Earth, serpentine helps you find balance and renewed vitality.

Meditating with green serpentine deepens your spiritual connection, facilitating self-discovery and personal growth. As it resonates with the heart chakra, this stone encourages feelings of love, compassion, and forgiveness. It has the remarkable ability to foster harmony in relationships and improve communication, making it a valuable ally in matters of the heart.

Beyond matters of the soul, serpentine is known for its ability to attract abundance and prosperity. It becomes a powerful tool for those seeking financial success, allowing them to manifest their dreams and desires. As you incorporate the energy of green serpentine into your life, you'll find it to be a multifaceted gem, offering both aesthetic beauty and a wealth of healing and spiritual benefits.

serpentine stone meaning

More about Green Serpentine

In feng shui, the serpentine rock has Earth energy. Meaning that you should place the stones in the Southeast and East areas of your home as these areas are related to wealth, family, and abundance if you would like to attract prosperity. Serpentine can be great in an office area for this reason!

Green serpentine is a unique and powerful crystal that can bring balance and healing to all aspects of life. Whether you are seeking emotional support or energetic healing, green serpentine may be just the crystal you need to enhance your well-being.

Chakra: Heart (Earth Element)

Localities: Russia, Switzerland, USA, Peru Pakistan and Canada.



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Serpentine can also grow within other stones.

Serpentine Stone - Learn The Serpentine Crystal Meaning

Serpentine Crystals

serpentine stone meaning