Thank you!
Thank you for supporting my little crystal shop!  I truly hope you love everything you got.  If you have any questions on your order (or the card you scanned), check out some info below!

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First off, if you have any questions about your order specifically including issues, what you ordered, and anything like that, visit the 'After Order Info' page here.

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FREE CRYSTALS - The looking for the free crystals you got on the top of your box? Just visit our crystal identification page, all of the options are there!
PALO SANTO - The small wood stick in your order is ethically sourced Palo Santo wood if you feel like your order needs to be cleansed.  You can read more about Palo Santo here!

WEBSITE SHOP - If you came to me from an Instagram Sale, did you know there are hundreds of items on this website in my crystal shop!?! Not only one of a kind crystals, but tumbles, crystal stands, jewelry, and so much more.  You can always add these items to your Instagram Sale checkout but just adding them to your 'cart' along with your custom sale item.

INSTAGRAM SALES - If you found me through this site, did you know I typically do 1-2 Instagram crystal sales per month. Typically these are brand new crystals that haven't been seen anywhere yet!  BUT there is also a giant collection of available crystals on @contempogems that hasn't made it to this site just yet. Follow my main account @contempocrystals for all the details!

GIVEAWAY - One customer per month is chosen to receive a $100 shop credit for sharing your crystals on social media!  It doesn't have to just be a new order, you can enter as many times per month as you want! Here are all the details.