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Caring For & Storing Crystals

Caring For Storing Crystals in Your Home

Now you have a few (or a lot if you’ve been busy) crystals, it’s really good to know how to look after them. Crystals may be hella old, but we still like treating them like babies and make sure that they have the correct conditions, they stay clean and we keep them safe! Here are some of the main topics we’re going to look at today for caring for crystals:

    • How to store your crystals
    • Ways to cleanse your crystals
    • What to do with broken crystals

    So let’s get into this!


    Storing your crystals

    Of course, crystal beauties make perfect home decor pieces, so we definitely advocate having them on show in your home. BUT, you need to be careful about which crystals you’re dealing with. 

    Crystals and direct sunlight

    Some crystals should not be kept in direct sunlight (to be honest, most crystals are better kept out of direct, direct sun) as they can lose their color and some even start to crack or dissolve slightly. Head on down to the crystal cleansing section to read more about which crystals really shouldn’t be kept in sunlight.  Some people have even reported a quartz crystal causing burns - think back to when you tried to burn leaves with a magnifying glass as a kid.  While I don't know if it is true, it's definitely not something I want to risk haha.

    Crystals and water/damp areas

    Some crystals are totally fine in water - you may have seen crystal water bottles for creating crystal elixirs (although we sell the kind that DON'T touch the water directly because it's not safe to drink many crystal infused waters), but others do not fare so well. Take a look at the cleansing section to find out more about which crystals should not be exposed to damp conditions. Of course, some are fine with a quick rinse but always double check first!

    Crystals and extreme temperatures

    Keeping a crystal on a window sill might sound like a nice idea, but certain crystals might not like it so much. In a window, you get all of the heat when the sun shines, but as soon as the sun goes down, it can get really cold! This can cause some crystals to crack, either internally or actually just plain crack into pieces. There aren’t many crystals that would do THAT though.

    While we are talking crystals and heat, please DO NOT try lighting your crystals on fire to see if they are real... this is the worst crystal TikTok trend ever.


    What if your crystal breaks?

    It can be so sad when a crystal breaks, whether it was an accident or if it just happens, but what does it mean? Well, put simply, it means you now have multiple pieces of your crystal… which can be a little bit cool…

    There are a few reasons why a crystal may break, some relating to crystal energy and others related to how you look after them. Hopefully, now you’ve read this post, you’ll be looking after all your crystal babies with the utmost care and if a crystal breaks, it could be a sign of something else:


    Energy & Frequencies

    As you will have probably heard, crystals vibrate at different energies and are sensitive to certain frequencies. It is possible that a frequency could disturb the natural structure of your gemstone and cause it to break. If your crystal is quartz, then this frequency must have been a pretty strong one. The energy that broke your crystal could have come from an external source, it does not have to have been your own energy, so get those broken pieces cleansed using one of the methods above and leave them to the side for a few weeks before you start using them again.

    I've actually seen many people have protective rings (like hematite rings) break when they were in a crowded events, as it is said these types of crystal rings will do this once they have absorbed all of the negative energy they can.


    Time To Move On?

    Sometimes a crystal can break as a sign that your time together is over. This means that you don’t necessarily need the energy of that crystal anymore and you no longer need to work with it. Some people choose to keep the crystal anyway or some pass part of it on to someone else (after cleansing it) who may need that energy. Another option would be to bury the crystal in the ground and give its energy back to the earth from which it came.  Some people will even put them back together.  In some cultures, they will actually put items back together using gold as a sign of strength and healing.

    A crystal does not ever “die”, so you can continue to work with the crystal after it breaks if you prefer to do so. Like we said earlier, now you have multiple pieces of your crystal which could be used separately and programmed individually.


    Sometimes once a crystal breaks it is truly a personal preference on what you want to do with it next.  Don't feel like there is a 'wrong way' to go about it.


    Some More Tips

    Here are some tips to keep in mind with regards to caring for your crystals. And a bit of a round up of the other thoughts:

    1. Store your crystals properly. Keep them in a dry, cool place and avoid exposing them to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Avoid storing them near electronics or appliances that emit electromagnetic radiation.

    2. Cleanse your crystals regularly. You can use water, but be sure to check if your crystal is water-safe as some may dissolve or become damaged if submerged in water. Alternatively, you can use smoke, sound, or other cleansing methods to purify your crystals.

    3. Use your crystals with intention. Set intentions for your crystals and use them mindfully, whether for meditation, manifestation, or other purposes. Regular use can help to maintain the energy and vibration of your crystals.

    4. Avoid exposing your crystals to chemicals or harsh cleaning agents. These can damage or alter the natural energy of your crystals.

    5. Remember that each crystal has unique properties and may require specific care. Do some research on the particular crystals in your collection to learn how to care for them properly.


    Now you know a bit more about caring for your crystals and the more care you take with them, the more healing energy you will be able to use to your advantage. Keep them cleansed, keep them in the right conditions and don’t worry if one breaks!  

    By following these tips, you can help to keep your crystals in top condition and maintain their energy and vibrational properties for years to come.


    Want to learn more about how to cleanse crystals, be sure to visit my post that goes more in to depth on it!

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