Collection: Crystals & Items Under $20

Looking for small crystal and jewelry options to add to your order?  Or just want a little crystal something?  This section is full of one-of-a-kind crystals, tumbles, crystal bowls, display stands, jewelry and accessories, and other small crystal gifts under $20!

Crystals Under $20

We know that the price of crystals can add up quickly, and that is why we wanted to make sure we offered up plenty of inexpensive crystal options for you. Obviously this section of the website is all under $20, and the variety of crystals and gifts is awesome!

affordable crystalsOne of the biggest portions of this affordable crystal section is the wide variety of crystal tumbles and worry stones that are the perfect size to keep in your pocket or purse! Tumbled crystals are also great to use for crystal healing gridding, spells and moon rituals, or you can purchase a ton of different crystals if you are just wanting to get to know each crystal type or put together a crystals for beginners gift set. Although we do have one of those already too!

Also in this section of the shop, you will find raw crystals, carved crystals, especially little crystal animal carvings, mini crystal spheres and more! But you can also find other metaphysical and crystal tools and gifts like crystal face rollers or crystal cleansing tools. Believe it or not, you can even find some of our crystal bowls in this list!
These items all make a fantastic gift or put a few together to make a wonderful gift set for somebody special!

Another big component of this section is our stand options! We have stands for spheres, slices, mineral specimens, and small display cases for thumbnail sized crystals!
cheap crystals

Shop Tons of Items and Crystals Under $20

affordable crystals

cheap crystals