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Green Prasiolite Points

Green Prasiolite Points

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Light green prasiolite points! Perfect for gridding or jewelry making. Prasiolite is a stone of amplifying energies! Prasiolite is a green form of amethyst that is known to amplifiy the energies within your own heart. 

Raw Green Prasiolite points are nature's gifts with a host of benefits. Also known as Green Amethyst, these crystals possess a serene beauty and powerful energy. Their green hue connects them with the heart chakra, making them exceptional for matters of the heart. Green Prasiolite is believed to promote emotional healing, compassion, and love. Holding or meditating with these raw points may help release old emotional wounds and foster a sense of inner peace and harmony. They are also thought to enhance spiritual growth and intuition, making them valuable tools for those on a spiritual journey. Additionally, Green Prasiolite is associated with abundance and prosperity, inviting positive energies into one's life.

Whether used in healing practices or simply displayed as natural decor, raw Green Prasiolite points can bring a touch of nature's tranquility and healing to any space.

You will receive ONE prasiolite point that is intuitively chosen.


The pieces shown in this photo are examples only. Size and color may vary slightly. The piece you receive will be chosen for you and may not be requested. Please do not send a preference.


Learn about crystal properties on the 'Crystal Quick Facts' page. Orders are packed with love, care, & free gifts. Colors may vary due to the screen. See FAQ for more.

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Small Green Prasiolite Points from Brazil

Green Prasiolite Points

Green Prasiolite