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Crystals and minerals are magical pieces of artwork created by the Earth itself.  It is no wonder natural raw crystals and clusters are popular.  In this section you will find untouched crystals like raw amethyst clusters, and mixed minerals like calcite and fluorite, or galena and quartz.  You will find tons of raw crystals full of sparkles here!

Raw Crystals

Many people enjoy and even prefer raw crystals like clusters and points over the polished or carved kinds of pieces.  Raw crystals are some of my absolute favorites, especially crystal clusters! There is something magical about the natural crystal cluster formations and specimens that you just can't get from anything else (although some stones do show off best in carved form). They are also one of the most popular crystal home decor additions due to the fact that this style can fit perfectly within every home decor theme.
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It truly is insane that these specimens come out of the ground like this, is it not? Of course some of these begin life as a geode that needs to be opened, but still! Nature is awesome!  See below for more about how crystal clusters form.

Sometimes a larger chunk of a raw crystal can be even more of a statement than a beautifully polished piece!

What you will find in this section:

You will find a wide variety of growth patterns, stones, colors, and sparkles. From the fine druzy sparkle of chalcedony, to chunk blue celestite crystals with a beautiful clarity and sparkle, to classic raw amethyst points and cluster, to intricate point formations on quartz clusters, and everything in between!

In addition to fully raw crystals for sale, you will also find a handful of pieces that are semi-polished and semi-raw such as our agate face crystal points, or amethyst cluster hearts. We also frequently offer raw sided crystal points that have a polished top.

Raw Crystal Meaning

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Raw crystals, in their natural and unpolished state, possess a unique beauty and a multitude of benefits. These untouched gems carry a pure and potent energy that resonates deeply with individuals. Raw crystals are believed to have a stronger connection to the Earth's energy and retain their natural vibrations. Their unaltered form allows them to radiate their healing properties more intensely. Raw crystals are known to promote grounding, balance, and emotional healing. They can enhance clarity, intuition, and spiritual growth. Additionally, raw crystals are often used for cleansing and purifying spaces, as well as for amplifying intentions during meditation or energy work. Their rough textures and unique shapes serve as a reminder of the raw and untamed aspects of life. By working with raw crystals, individuals can tap into their authentic power, connect with the natural world, and experience the transformative energies that these untouched gems possess.

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How Crystal Clusters Form

Crystal clusters form through a fascinating process that unfolds over time. It begins when a pocket or cavity in the Earth's crust is created, often through geological activity or the cooling of molten rock. Within these voids, mineral-rich solutions seep in, carrying various elements and ions. As the solution slowly evaporates or cools, the elements begin to bond and crystallize, initiating the growth of individual crystals. In the case of crystal clusters, the conditions are favorable for multiple crystals to grow closely together, often sharing a common base or matrix. The crystals within the cluster continue to grow and interlock, forming an intricate network of interconnected structures. This process can take thousands or millions of years, resulting in the formation of stunning and unique crystal clusters.

The size, shape, and arrangement of the crystals within the cluster can be influenced by factors such as temperature, pressure, and the availability of specific minerals in the surrounding environment. The resulting cluster showcases the harmonious collaboration of these crystals, creating a captivating and powerful energy that emanates from their collective presence.

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