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Tiger Eye Meaning

Red & Yellow Tiger Eye Palms & Spheres

If you are looking to learn more about the properties of, and tiger eye meaning then read on! I'll also cover what tiger eye typically looks like (including color varieties) and a bit more on its history.

What does Tiger Eye look like?

Tiger Eye is an opaque golden-brown quartz stone that is known for its optical effects under the light. You can identify these stones by their bands of gold, yellow, brown, and black. Before polished and tumbled, tigers eye is rigid and glasslike. You will also be able to feel its many layers.  After the stone has been tumbled and polished, tiger eye layers are more prominent and satin-like, but the rigid layers can no longer be felt.

Red & Yellow Tiger Eye Pillows

Although the golden tiger eye is the most well-known, there are different variations of blue and red. The blue variation is referred to as Hawk’s Eye and the Red variation is referred to as Dragon’s Eye. The red and blue colors form from different minerals and levels of oxidation. They all have the same awesome lining as the original, and can mix colors too.

Tiger Eye Meaning

Tiger Eye Crystal Spheres

Tiger Eye has the spiritual ability to bring beauty and peace. This stone is also believed to help you connect with the sun and nourish the soul through the sun’s power. Some people like to wear Tiger’s Eye jewelry or carry a stone in their pocket to improve mental clarity.

More about Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is known to have Asbestos deep within its structure, so if you are worried about it, please be sure to wash your hands after handling raw Tiger Eye stone.  Polished is the best way to avoid this, and do not soak the stone in water.  Most people however say that because the Asbestos is so encapsulated in the growth process that it cannot actually harm you.  But always use caution with raw Tiger Eye.

Blue Tiger Eye Crystal Point

This stone is high on the Mohs hardness scale and rates a 6.5-7, meaning that it can scratch glass. When broken, Tigers Eye will leave behind uneven and granular sides that some say remind them of a slab of steak.

Chakra: Solar plexus, Root and Sacral

Tiger Eye Localities: India, Brazil, Canada, Spain, China, Korea, Myanmar, Australia,  Namibia, and the USA.



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