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Mini Tiger Eye Skull

Mini Tiger Eye Skull

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These adorable mini tiger eye skulls are the perfect size to keep with you on the go, or put in a special spot in your home or office.  While they are all unique in their own way, these tiger eye skulls all feature a classic yellow brown tiger eye coloring with its flash or 'cat eye' color change.  

Crystal skulls are said to be full of information and knowledge, and keepers of ancient information. 

There's something alluring about these mini tiger eye skulls. Perhaps it's the way the light catches its silky luster, or the opaque transparency seems to shift and change in the right light. 

Tiger Eye is said to be a powerful talisman that invokes inner strength, personal willpower, and protection from harm. For those who need some help with their lower chakras, these make for a comforting companion. This is a Gemini birthstone.


Approx Size 1"

You will receive ONE mini tiger eye skull that is intuitively chosen for you. No requests.


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Tiger Eye Skull

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