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Contempo Crystals - Vibrant-Purple-Lepidolite-Point-Crystals - Image 1
Contempo Crystals - Purple-Lepidolite-Point-Crystals - Image 3
Contempo Crystals - Lepidolite-Points-for-SAle - Image 4
Contempo Crystals - Purple-Lepidolite-Crystal-Points-for-Sale - Image 5
Contempo Crystals - Lepidolite-Point-for-Sale - Image 6
Contempo Crystals - Purple-Lepidolite-Point-for-Sale - Image 7
Contempo Crystals - Purple-Lepidolite-Crystal-Point - Image 8
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Contempo Crystals - Purple-Lepidolite-Point-Crystal - Image 10
Contempo Crystals - Vibrant-Purple-Lepidolite-Point-Crystals - Image 1
Contempo Crystals - Purple-Lepidolite-Point-Crystals - Image 2
Contempo Crystals - Lepidolite-Points-for-SAle - Image 3
Contempo Crystals - Purple-Lepidolite-Crystal-Points-for-Sale - Image 4
Contempo Crystals - Lepidolite-Point-for-Sale - Image 5
Contempo Crystals - Purple-Lepidolite-Point-for-Sale - Image 6
Contempo Crystals - Purple-Lepidolite-Crystal-Point - Image 7
Contempo Crystals - Where-to-Buy-Lepidolite-Point - Image 8
Contempo Crystals - Purple-Lepidolite-Point-Crystal - Image 9

Purple Lepidolite Points

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Cute and simple purple Lepidolite points with a nice saturated coloring.  These points are a classic cut, and while they each have at least one straight side, some do sit a bit at an angle on some sides. Check out the photos for a better idea.

FAR LEFT: 3.25" x 1", 87 grams (chipped point)
LEFT: 3.25" x 1", 82 grams

CENTER: 3.5" x 1", 88 grams
RIGHT: 3.5" x 1", 80 grams (chipped point)
FAR RIGHT: 3.25" x 1", 81 grams

You will receive the exact lepidolite point you choose.

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The pieces shown in this photo are examples only.  Size and color may vary slightly.  The piece you receive will be chosen for you and may not be requested.  Please do not send a preference. Additionally the stones in the photos may not even be in stock anymore anyway. Thank you!!

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Lepidolite Crystal Points