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Mini Green Aventurine Skull

Mini Green Aventurine Skull

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These adorable little mini green aventurine skulls are the perfect size to keep with you on the go, or put in a special spot in your home or office.  Crystal skulls are said to be full of information and knowledge as they are keepers of ancient info.  They are powerful for healing and growth.  Green aventurine has a wide range of uses including being a heart stone and for prosperity.  These green aventurine skulls are the perfect size to keep a small reminder of your goals.

Small green aventurine skulls are not just intriguing collectibles but also carry their own set of metaphysical benefits. Aventurine is known as a stone of luck and opportunity, and when shaped into a skull, it combines the energies of both the crystal and the skull symbol. Green aventurine, in particular, is associated with the heart chakra, making it a powerful tool for matters of the heart. These small skulls can help you tap into feelings of love, compassion, and emotional balance. They may assist in releasing old emotional patterns and blockages, allowing for a more open and harmonious heart. Additionally, green aventurine is believed to attract abundance and prosperity, making these little skulls valuable not only for inner growth but also for manifesting positive outcomes in your life.

Whether used in meditation, placed on your desk, or carried as pocket companions, small green aventurine skulls can be your allies in promoting well-being and abundance.

Approx Size 1"

You will receive ONE mini green aventurine skull that is intuitively chosen for you.


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Green Aventurine Skull 

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