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Quartz Pyrite Abundance Crystal Pot

Quartz Pyrite Abundance Crystal Pot

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These adorable quartz pyrite crystal pots, often affectionately referred to as "crystal cauldrons," are not only charming but also carry a significant symbolism. They represent the essence of abundance, making them the perfect addition to your crystal collection or a thoughtful gift for someone special.

Each of these miniature cauldrons is meticulously crafted with Peruvian quartz and pyrite, infusing them with the powerful energies of these crystals. Quartz is revered for its ability to absorb, store, release, and regulate energy. It harmonizes the chakras and serves as an excellent tool for unblocking karma, providing a sense of balance and clarity to one's life.

Pyrite brings with it the energy of abundance and prosperity. It is a stone that encourages financial success, making these crystal pots a meaningful addition to your space, especially if you're working on manifesting abundance in your life.

The handmade and painted nature of these pots adds to their uniqueness, although they may have minor imperfections, which only enhance their rustic charm. As you place your intentions into this crystal cauldron, it becomes a potent symbol of your desire for abundance and the unblocking of energy, helping you manifest your dreams and goals. It's a delightful and magical way to infuse your life with positivity and abundance.

Available In: Silver, gold, pink, or dark brown pot colors.
Size: Approximately 3.5" tall, by 2-2.5" wide.

There is also a pink option in a larger size if you want a little more oomph!

You will receive ONE crystal abundance pot that is intuitively chosen for you in the pot color you choose. All of these pots have a similar appearance and have the same color and mineral combination, but are not 100% identical in crystal lengths, nor are the pots exactly the same size.  Gotta love handmade!

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Quartz Pyrite Abundance Crystal Pot

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Abundance Crystal Pot for Prosperity