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Contempo Crystals - Geode-Quartz-Point-Wood-Tray-Crystal-Decor - Image 3
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Contempo Crystals - Quartz-Geode-Wood-Tray-Crystal-Home-decor - Image 1
Contempo Crystals - Geode-Quartz-Point-Wood-Tray-Crystal-Decor - Image 2
Contempo Crystals - Clear-Quartz-Geode-Resin-Wood-Tray-Crystal-Gift - Image 3
Contempo Crystals - Quartz-Geode-Resin-Wood-Tray-Crystal-Home-decor - Image 4
Contempo Crystals - Quartz-Resin-Geode-Wood-Tray - Image 5
Contempo Crystals - Crystal-Geode-Wood-Tray - Image 6
Contempo Crystals - Resin-Crystal-Geode-Wood-Tray - Image 7
Contempo Crystals - Crystal-Wood-Cheese-Board - Image 8

Geode Quartz Wood Tray

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One of a kind Geode Quartz Wood Trays hand made by yours truly! This geode resin art style is on top of a simple but cute wood tray made in India. Features a small grouping of natural quartz points to create a crystal cluster in one spot, and a mixture of materials that create a crystal geode pattern. These would make a great jewelry tray (you can use the quartz points for rings!), or you can carefully use for food (just not the resin part)

The geode look is created with resin, glass, and glitter.

Overall Size: 10" x 6"

You will receive ONE geode tray that is selected on your behalf, no requests.



The resin end is not meant to be used, please do not put food on it. Not dishwasher safe, please hand wash carefully. Please also be careful of sharp edges : ) Keep your resin pieces away from heat and direct sunlight. 

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Find crystal properties info on our Crystals and Their Meanings page.  All orders are packed with love and care, and come with a free crystal gift and a mini palo santo stick. Follow on Instagram @contempocrystals & @contempogems for crystal sales, giveaways, and more!!

Colors may vary due to computer screen. Please visit my FAQ page for all questions and full shop policies.  Thanks for supporting my crystal shop!!

Resin Quartz Geode Tray 

Geode Quartz Wood Tray

Quartz Geode Wood Tray Crystal Home Decor

Clear Quartz Geode Resin Wood Tray Crystal Gift