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Contempo Crystals - Sterling-Silver-Ammonite-Ring-for-Sale - Image 1
Contempo Crystals - Ammonite-Fossil-Rings - Image 3
Contempo Crystals - Sterling-Silver-Ammonite-Fossil-Rings-for-Sale - Image 4
Contempo Crystals - Size-4-Ammonite-Ring-Sterling-Silver-Band - Image 5
Contempo Crystals - Size-5-Ammonite-Ring-Sterling-Silver-Band - Image 6
Contempo Crystals - Size-6-Ammonite-Ring-Sterling-Silver-Band - Image 7
Contempo Crystals - Size-10-Ammonite-Ring-Sterling-Silver-Band - Image 8
Contempo Crystals - Sterling-Silver-Ammonite-Rings-for-Sale - Image 9
Contempo Crystals - Sterling-Silver-Ammonite-Ring-for-Sale - Image 1
Contempo Crystals - Ammonite-Fossil-Rings - Image 2
Contempo Crystals - Sterling-Silver-Ammonite-Fossil-Rings-for-Sale - Image 3
Contempo Crystals - Size-4-Ammonite-Ring-Sterling-Silver-Band - Image 4
Contempo Crystals - Size-5-Ammonite-Ring-Sterling-Silver-Band - Image 5
Contempo Crystals - Size-6-Ammonite-Ring-Sterling-Silver-Band - Image 6
Contempo Crystals - Size-10-Ammonite-Ring-Sterling-Silver-Band - Image 7
Contempo Crystals - Sterling-Silver-Ammonite-Rings-for-Sale - Image 8

Sterling Silver Ammonite Rings

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Cute little polished ammonite rings with a sterling silver finish.  Each of these little ammonite fossils have different coloring and line patterns. You will get to choose your exact Ammonite ring! In the video, they are shown left to right.

FAR LEFT: Size 4
LEFT: Size 5
RIGHT: Size 6
FAR RIGHT: Size 10

You will receive the exact ammonite ring that you choose! 

- - -

You can find more general stone info on our 'Crystal Quick Facts' page if you are interested in learning more.  All Contempo Crystals items are packed with love and care, and come with a free crystal gift and a mini palo santo stick.

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Colors may vary due to computer screen. Please visit my FAQ page for all questions and full shop policies.  Thanks for looking!!