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Sunstone Moonstone Bracelet

Sunstone Moonstone Bracelet

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Sunstone and Peach Moonstone bracelets are not just beautiful accessories but also carriers of unique energies. The combination of these two stones creates a harmonious blend of masculine and feminine energies. Sunstone, representing the masculine, is associated with vitality, strength, and leadership qualities. It brings a sense of joy, warmth, and enthusiasm, making it an excellent choice for those seeking courage and motivation in their endeavors.

On the other hand, Peach Moonstone embodies the soothing essence of the feminine. It promotes emotional healing, intuition, and inner reflection. This gentle stone encourages self-discovery and self-love, making it an ideal companion for new beginnings and personal growth.

Together, Sunstone and Peach Moonstone bracelets offer a balance of yin and yang energies, fostering harmony and a sense of completeness within the wearer. They bring hope, joy, and resilience, helping you face life's challenges with confidence and grace. Whether you're embarking on a new journey or simply seeking to harmonize your inner energies, these bracelets serve as beautiful reminders of the balanced and transformative power of nature's gemstones.

These moonstone sunstone bracelets have an orange elastic inside a light orange to brown bead that is approximately 6-7mm in size.  

You will receive ONE sunstone moonstone bracelet that is intuitively chosen for you.
Approx Bead Size: 6-7mm
Approx Size 6-6.5" around.

Colors and bead size may vary.


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