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Shiva Eye Shell

Shiva Eye Shell

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Shiva Eye Shells perfect for using as a worry stone, or in a piece of jewelry. Each shell is completely unique in appearance and polish.   The Shiva Shell is said to have life energy, knowledge, calming, and sense of adventure among others.  These shells have been used since the Victorian Era! 

Size: Approx .75-1"

Colors, shapes, and sizes may vary slightly. Some backs are flat and some are rounded.  You will receive ONE shiva shell that is intuitively chosen for you. No requests.


Shiva Shell Meaning

The Shiva Eye Shell, a revered river stone hailing from the Narmada River in India, possesses a profound and multifaceted symbolism deeply rooted in spiritual tradition. Its unique markings etched by nature are seen as a reflection of the sacred feminine energy, invoking the nurturing, intuitive, and receptive aspects of the divine. In a harmonious dance of energies, the stone's form itself embodies the masculine principle, signifying the equilibrium between these fundamental forces, offering a representation of perfect balance and wholeness.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, the Shiva Eye Shell is renowned for its intrinsic power and metaphysical properties. It is believed to hold the capacity to activate the lower chakras, aligning and energizing the root and sacral chakras in particular. This activation is thought to kindle a sense of vitality, grounding, and a profound connection to one's primal instincts and inner self. Particularly favored by those born under the Scorpio zodiac sign, the Shiva Eye Shell is regarded as a powerful tool for harnessing the transformative energies associated with this astrological sign.

For seekers of inner peace and tranquility, the Eye of Shiva stone serves as an invaluable companion on the spiritual journey. Its presence is believed to foster a deep sense of calmness, facilitating introspection and a profound connection with the self. As you delve into the intricate layers of meaning and energy embodied by the Shiva Eye Shell, you embark on a sacred quest, guided by the wisdom of ancient traditions, to unlock the secrets of balance, harmony, and self-discovery.



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