Best Crystals for Beginners to Buy

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Best Crystals for Beginners

Rainbow Fluorite Tumbles

Here’s part 2 in our Crystals for Beginners series. If you missed the first one and want to know what crystals are and how they’re formed, check out the first what are crystals post in the series. 

If you are considering starting a crystal collection and you want to work with these earthly beauties, then read on to find out more about which the best crystals for beginners and how to make a crystal kit. In this post, we’ll have a look at:

  • Best crystals for beginners
  • Setting intentions


If you’ve already gotten the crystal books and you know just how many crystals there are to choose from, then you might already feel a bit stumped. With thousands of choices, it can be tough to know where to start.  Even the crystal books will all have different recommendations. Some crystals are more expensive than others, whether this is based on their size, color, shape, clarity, rarity or precious-ness, but for a starter kit, you shouldn’t be breaking the bank. 

Look out for tumblestones, small raw chunks, or small crystal points - these are usually cheaper and are perfect for beginning your crystal journey with.  We even have a few sets available on the website that would be perfect fits!  The Essentials or Basic Crystals Box with 8 larger chunks of some of the essential stones.or the Crystals for Beginners Tumble Set are both great options.

Rainbow Moonstone Tumbles

What are tumble stones?
These are just smooth, small pieces of crystal and the variety available in this form is huge, so you won’t feel like you’re missing out. They may also be known as tumbled gemstones. This comes from the process used to create smooth edges - raw stones are placed into a machine called a rock tumbler and when they come out they’re polished and smooth.  You can find a ton of tumbled stones on the website here.



There are a select few crystals which we would always consider to be a great starting point when getting into crystal collecting or healing. All of the following crystals are super easy to obtain, so you should find them in many different sizes, shapes, and price points.

Clear Quartz
You might want to get this crystal in the form of a small point rather than a tumbled gemstone, but this just depends on your personal preference. In any form, clear quartz is a brilliant place to start!

This master healer can be used to replace any other crystal as it can be programmed with whichever intentions you desire (we’ll talk about setting intentions later on) and it enhances the energy of surrounding crystals. Clear quartz can also be used to cleanse your other crystals.

HOW TO: Place your clear quartz in a bag or surrounded by your other crystals and leave them together overnight - if there is full moonlight shining, this can cleanse your crystals further and give them an extra boost of power.


Essentials or Basic Crystals Set


Rose Quartz
Rose quartz can be purchased as a polished tumblestone, but it is also very pretty in it’s natural, raw form. It rarely grows naturally as any type of cluster formation.

A pretty pink piece of rose quartz will help to fill you with loving energy and can help you to overcome loss, grief, anger and even heartache. With a bit of self-love inspiration from rose quartz, you can clear out negative emotions in readiness for working with your crystals.  With the self-care element, people like to keep rose quartz nearby during relaxing baths (just be careful!).

Also, if you’re looking for some love in your life, carrying rose quartz can help attract this right to you - hello new love interests, please form an orderly line!

Smoky Quartz
Yes, we are recommending another quartz crystal, but this time in the form of smoky quartz. This too can be found in a point formation if you didn’t want to opt for a tumbled version.  Smoky quartz does form naturally as a cluster as does clear quartz.

A very grounding stone, smoky quartz can help to clear away negative energy, whether from your aura, a room or even an object. Smoky quartz is also great for anyone who is studying (aren’t we all still learning) as it can improve our focus and mental clarity.

This gray-toned beauty should be a staple in everyone’s home, as it can keep the atmosphere feeling light and negativity-free!  People will also spread smoky quartz around their property to help protect their space.  We have jars of small smoky quartz chips, just for this!

Amethyst may be a fave of ours, we just can’t get enough of the varying shades of purple, violet and lilac to be found in this stunning stone. If you have a thing for crystal points, amethyst also comes naturally in this form, but it is readily available as a tumbles or clusters too.

Purple is the color of spirituality and amethyst can help you to look deeper into yourself and improve your intuition. This newly boosted intuition can come in very handy when picking your crystals!

A very practical use for amethyst is to place it at your bedside to keep your nights calm and restful - a piece of amethyst under your pillow could help to alleviate nightmares. 

Orange Carnelian Hearts

This stone is most commonly found in tumbled or polished form and is very readily available.

Carnelian can help you to gain courage and keep you moving - it is sometimes known as The Singer’s Stone, due to its ability to boost confidence on stage and everywhere else for that matter!  It also helps get those creative juices flowing!

Keep this stone nearby if you tend to procrastinate a lot. Yet another crystal which can help you make the best decisions when it comes to future crystal purchases.

Tiger Eye
The flashes of gold in this crystal make it very pleasing to the eye and once you catch a glimpse of the smooth polished surface, you will have to get yourself a piece.

Tiger eye, or 'tigers eye' can be a great stone for you if you have moved somewhere new and need to feel safe and protected. It keeps the mind focused on important things and can help you with motivation.

Get creative with no worries, as tiger’s eye will help you to think clearly, creatively and completely outside of the box.


Of course, crystals have their own interpretations separately, but you can really hone in on some of those healing properties by setting your intention for that crystal.  Some crystals, like quartz can even take on whatever intention or meaning you want.

Amethyst Mini Spheres from Brazil


When you have new crystals, you will want to make sure you cleanse them before working with them. To cleanse crystals there are a few options - we will go into these in more depth later in our Crystals for Beginners series (so keep an eye out):

  • Water
  • Moon/Sun
  • Earth
  • Incense
  • Palo Santo

If you have decided to get yourself a nice piece of quartz crystal, you could use that to cleanse your other crystals before delving into any other methods. We have a handful of crystal cleansing tools available on the website here too.

Get to know your crystals and let them get to know you.
Holding your crystals and feeling their energy run through your hands and into your body is a great experience and you can learn a lot about a gemstone by how it makes you feel. It is actually possible for a crystal to absorb your energy and this will, in fact, help you to set your intentions for said crystal. This energy absorption makes it necessary to cleanse your crystals every so often, as they can take in negativity as well as positive energy.

It is relatively simple to set intentions with your crystals, you just need to hold them and close your eyes, all the while, focusing on the energy you hope to get from the crystal. You could place it over the relevant chakra to your focused intention, for example, rose quartz could be placed over the heart chakra for a boost of loving vibes.

If you've been given crystals that you cannot identify, try checking out this page for a little help with crystal identification.

Yellow & Red Tiger Eye Palm Stones

Why set intentions/program your crystals?
This process will bring you closer to the crystal and allow your energies to combine. Thanking the crystal for coming into your life will deepen the connection and make your crystal so much more reactive to your programming.

As we mentioned earlier, crystals often have many healing properties, some for emotions, some for more physical ailments etc. So, by setting your intentions with each crystal, it will, in essence, know which job it is meant to be doing. The less confusion between you and your crystal, the more cohesive your relationship will be!

All ready to get shopping?? Head over to the crystal shop!

Stay tuned for more Crystals of Beginners series posts!

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