Collection: Quartz Geode Crystal Resin Art

Quartz resin art is a beautiful way to add crystals and artwork to your home decor, and a little personal touch from me!  I have handmade all of the pieces in this section which includes Quartz Crystal Resin Geode Cheese Boards, Crystal Cluster

Crystal Resin Art

Letter Boards, and little home decor accents and trays.

If you are looking at the quartz crystal trays that have a clustering of quartz points, these are meant to be used to hold your crystal jewelry, as quartz is one of the few crystals that can cleanse or charge other crystals.

All of these crystal pieces would make a great gift for crystal loving friends or anyone in general. Crystals in home decor is all the rage these days, you don't have to always be into their healing properties. A touch of crystal anywhere in the home can bring an added element of luxury, glamour and sparkle!
quartz crystal resin art