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Cast Iron Cauldron Pot

Cast Iron Cauldron Pot

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These small black Cast Iron Cauldrons for sale are perfect for burning your favorite incense cones, resin or herbs to cleanse your space or crystals with smoke.  My favorite is using the Palo Santo Chips from the shop, but you can also use the White Sage Leaves or whatever you prefer.  Both our sage and wood are ethically and sustainably sourced. There is more info on each of their pages.

The top can be open so it allows the smoke to flow out, and the bottom is raised to allow burning.  But still be sure to place it on a safe surface and be careful not to touch it while it is hot!

Using a small cauldron for metaphysical purposes can be a potent and symbolic practice. These mini cauldrons, often made of materials like metal or ceramic, are versatile tools in spiritual and magical rituals. To begin, one can place herbs, crystals, or other symbolic items inside the cauldron to create a sacred space or conduct rituals. Lighting a small candle within the cauldron can symbolize transformation and manifestation, allowing your intentions to take form. The smoke from smudging herbs or incense can be directed through the cauldron to purify and consecrate objects or spaces. The cauldron can also represent the element of water, making it suitable for rituals involving emotional healing or intuition. Overall, utilizing a small cauldron in your metaphysical practice adds depth and symbolism to your rituals, enhancing their effectiveness and meaning.


Approx Size: 3.75" wide x 4" tall (with top on)

You will receive ONE set, a cauldron pot and the lid.


Learn about crystal properties on the 'Crystal Quick Facts' page. Orders are packed with love, care, & free gifts. Colors may vary due to the screen. See FAQ for more.

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Small Cauldron

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Cast Iron Cauldron Pot - Small Cauldron for Burning

small cauldron

small cauldron for sale