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Contempo Crystals - Gray-Blue-Ocean-Jasper-Freeforms - Image 1
Contempo Crystals - Blue-Gray-Ocean-Jasper-Freeforms - Image 3
Contempo Crystals - Blue-Gray-Standing-Ocean-Jasper - Image 4
Contempo Crystals - Standing-Blue-Gray-Ocean-Jasper - Image 5
Contempo Crystals - Blue-Gray-Ocean-Jasper - Image 6
Contempo Crystals - Gray-Blue-Ocean-Jasper - Image 7
Contempo Crystals - Gray-Blue-Yellow-Ocean-Jasper-Freeform - Image 8
Contempo Crystals - Gray-Ocean-Jasper-Freeform - Image 9
Contempo Crystals - Blue-Ocean-Jasper-Freeform - Image 10
Contempo Crystals - Gray-Blue-Ocean-Jasper-Freeforms - Image 1
Contempo Crystals - Blue-Gray-Ocean-Jasper-Freeforms - Image 2
Contempo Crystals - Blue-Gray-Standing-Ocean-Jasper - Image 3
Contempo Crystals - Standing-Blue-Gray-Ocean-Jasper - Image 4
Contempo Crystals - Blue-Gray-Ocean-Jasper - Image 5
Contempo Crystals - Gray-Blue-Ocean-Jasper - Image 6
Contempo Crystals - Gray-Blue-Yellow-Ocean-Jasper-Freeform - Image 7
Contempo Crystals - Gray-Ocean-Jasper-Freeform - Image 8
Contempo Crystals - Blue-Ocean-Jasper-Freeform - Image 9

Blue & Gray Ocean Jasper Freeforms

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Unique mostly gray and blue Ocean Jasper freeform crystals that are like a work of Earth art!  These ocean jasper crystals have an overall grayish blue theme! There are mixes of blue, gray, white, tan, green and even some pinks! Most of these standing pieces are an 'almond' shape. Both sides are equally awesome, so if you have a place that can show off both at the same time, even better! These are all from Madagascar.

A couple of these have some druzy spots even, so take a look at the video too.

LEFT: 5" x 3.25" x 2", 670 grams
CENTER: 4.25" x 3" x 1.75", 680 grams
RIGHT: 5.25" x 3.75" x 2", 990 grams

You will receive the exact ocean jasper freeform you choose from the menu! More ocean jasper freeforms on the website too!



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Blue & Gray Ocean Jasper Freeforms

Unique Ocean Jasper Freeform Crystals for Sale

Grayish Blue Ocean Jasper Crystals from Madagascar