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10 Crystals You Need For 2022

Natural Citrine Points from Brazil

2022 is here, and even though 2021 was an adjustment, and filled with many uncertainties, we must still try to prepare for the next year the best we can. Tapping into the energy from polished and raw crystals is a great way to center yourself, realign your priorities, and refocus yourself in the right direction for 2022. 

Crystals have been around since the beginning of time in different forms and used for various purposes, you can find many mentions in early literature, even the Bible. They help us connect with some of the hidden energy on the planet and have many benefits when we look into them. So, to help you ready for the year ahead, here are 10 crystals you need for 2022. 


1. Natural Citrine 

The citrine crystal represents prosperity and happiness. Having this rare gemstone in your collection serves as a reminder to be mindful of events happening around us and teaches us to appreciate every moment. It encourages us to follow our dreams, think positively, and go through life with gratitude. Having citrine around is a good buy for the coming new year.   It is a stone known to help with prosperity and abundance, especially if you place it in the ‘Prosperity Corner’ of your home or office (the back left corner).


2. Quartz

The quartz crystal is popularly known as the master healer. Among ancient civilizations, this stone is known to have inherent properties that grant protection and luck to anyone having it in their possession. At the same time, this stone can come in handy for people who have communication challenges or have difficulty putting words together. 


Rose Quartz Palm Stones

3. Rose Quartz

The rose quartz stone is a very important part of the ten crystals you need for 2022, as it is known as the healing stone of unconditional love. It is believed that this stone can open up her heart and make it easy to forgive others and, most importantly ourselves. So, if you are looking for ways to nurture self-love in the new year, the Rose Quartz is the ideal stone to look into. 


4. Carnelian

You will hardly find any field or profession in today’s world where creative skills are not required. So, for those having challenges with being creative, getting a carnelian can help you recover your creative abilities. You can finally say goodbye to being burned out, uninspired, or stuck as you instead welcome motivation, joy, and self-confidence to forge ahead. 


Amethyst Clusters on Metal Stand

5. Amethyst

The amethyst crystal is one of the oldest types of crystals. It is believed that it has some spiritual properties that can help open the third eye and connect people to their intuition. To get the best out of this raw crystal, find a quiet place where you maintain your focus, then hold the stone in your hands and meditate to experience new insights. 


6. Green Jade

In various ancient cultures around the world, Green Jade is seen as the dream stone, and you’ll understand why in a minute. This fantastic raw crystal is known to have calming effects while transporting serene energy through your body. So, if you have been battling with a busy mind or a troubled soul this year, a jade that represents serenity and tranquility will come in handy for 2022. Use this to soothe your mind, body, and soul.


Bloodstone Palm Stones

7. Bloodstone

How would you love to advance your artistic and creative thinking abilities in 2022? Well, say hello to the bloodstone. This gem has been used for decades to cleanse and purify energies. If you need to ward off stress and negative energy, this raw crystal’s remarkable healing powers are just what you need strategically placed. So, you can put your bloodstone in a vantage spot in your home or wear them as a cute necklace on your body for the best results.


8. Lapis Lazuli

One look at its dark blue hue, and you could literally feel the Lapis Lazuli inspire a feeling of calm and serenity. There’s a good reason why this is one of the most popular healing crystals in existence. Apart from being known as the universal symbol for truth and wisdom since the beginning of time, Lapis Lazuli is a great memory enhancer. You can harness the ability of this healing crystal to bring harmony to your relationships and build a long-lasting connection with the people that matter in your life.

Semi-Polished Emerald Matrix

9. Raw Emerald 

Need to eliminate negativity in your home or around you anywhere you go? Then, we suggest having an raw emerald in your gemstone collection. Here’s one more secret you should know about emeralds: they are perfect for rekindling the fire of romance with your significant other. So, if you think your love life needs a little boost and you could do with a gem that inspires positive action, you have just found the perfect healing crystal. Welcome romantic bliss into your home in 2022.


10. Hematite

Here’s an ideal healing crystal for a massive boost of confidence and self-esteem, the amazing hematite. It’s one of the first choices by anyone who appreciates the powers of crystals due to their ability to heal chakras and enhance willpower. This silver-grey metallic stone can be carried around for security and protection while also working double time to stimulate your memory and concentration. 


Final thought

Here’s an excellent start to your list of crystals you need for 2022. Pick any of these, and you should be ready to enjoy the immeasurable benefits of these gemstones. Even better, you can get a healing crystals gift set for your friends and family, so they’ll be ready to conquer 2022 with you. Let’s do this!

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The 10 Crystals You Need for 2022

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