4 Things to Know About Black Tourmaline

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4 Things to Know About Black Tourmaline

Schorl Black Tourmaline, Fluorite & Mica from Namibia

Black tourmaline is an important crystal to have in any crystal collection whether you are a beginner or a seasoned crystal collector. Like many darker crystals, black tourmaline is a grounding, protective crystal that absorbs negative energy. Even for friends who aren't into crystal healing, Black Tourmaline makes for a great housewarming gift as it will protect a new home (even better if you cleanse the space first!). Whether you choose tumbled black tourmaline or raw black tourmaline (or both), this beautiful stone is a must-have and perfect for daily use. 

Here are some black tourmaline benefits, how to use it, and what ways the stone can help you.

Raw Black Tourmaline Pendant Necklace

Black Tourmaline Protects You

While black tourmaline is known to be a powerful crystal that protects your personal energy and shields you from negative energy, it’s also a useful shield for your home. The stone creates an energetic barrier between your home and the outside world so that your personal space is always operating at its highest frequency. We recommend placing raw black tourmaline near the front door and other entryways. This will help keep negative energy out of the home, allowing you to feel safe, comfortable, and protected.

Black Tourmaline Cleans Energy

It’s impossible to completely shield yourself from negativity all day, every day. Even if you’re operating at a high frequency, negative energy can still find its way in. Black tourmaline works by absorbing this negative energy, cleansing it, and keeping it from invading your own energies. Holding tumbled black tourmaline while you meditate is a wonderful way to transfer any unwanted energies over to the stone and cleanse your energy field.

You may choose to keep tumbled black tourmaline in your pocket, wear jewelry made of raw black tourmaline, or you may choose to place the stones in various rooms in your house or office. A combination of these is encouraged if you find yourself particularly in need of emotional and spiritual protection. 

Schorl Black Tourmaline Crystal Cluster from Namibia

Raw Black Tourmaline vs. Tumbled Black Tourmaline

Most crystals come in two different forms: tumbled and raw. Tumbled black tourmaline, like other tumbled crystals, goes through a polishing process that helps smooth the stone and bring out its visual depth and beauty. Many jewelers use tumbled black tourmaline in bracelets, rings, and necklaces. They are also good to use as palm stones or for meditating. 

Raw black tourmaline, as you guessed, is its raw, purest form. Some people say that raw crystals have more power than tumbled ones, but there isn’t any hard evidence behind that. Raw tourmaline can be found in a variety of tourmaline jewelry, home decor items, and clusters.

Is Black Tourmaline Water Safe?

When purchasing a new crystal, it’s important to look into its chemical composition. Failing to educate yourself about the stones or crystals that you bring into your home could result in damage to the piece; knowing how to take care of your stones is vital to getting the most out of them.

Black Tourmaline Bracelet

So you may ask, “Is black tourmaline water safe?” The answer is no. While the stone won’t completely dissolve in water, it can be severely damaged. While you can carefully cleanse or clean your tourmaline with water and it won’t melt away, it’s generally best to keep the stone away from water. If you are wearing tourmaline on a regular basis, be sure to take it off before showering, swimming or doing dishes, etc. Of course some black tourmaline is more stable than others, wearing a bracelet everyday is totally fine... a raw black tourmaline chunk on the other hand those are already flaky as it is let alone adding water!

Where does black tourmaline come from?

Black tourmaline comes to us from all over the world, but most notably Brazil and Namibia have some of my very favorite specimens!  We do have a wide variety of black tourmaline crystals and jewelry available on this site as well if you find that this is a crystal you need in your life!

Want to learn even more about tourmaline (all colors) visit the collection!

4 Things to Know About Black Tourmaline

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