What is Goldstone? What is Blue Goldstone?

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What is Goldstone? What is Blue Goldstone?

What is Goldstone?

With interesting names like goldstone and bluestone, you might be thinking of stones that have real gold in them. This is a common misconception with these two unique kinds of rocks. These exciting names are due to the appearance of these beautiful shimmering stones. Some of them really look like they have a whole sky full of stars trapped inside them!

Goldstone is a total eye-catcher with glittery, golden specks shining through the orange base. On the other hand, blue goldstone is a deep cobalt blue with shimmery dots that look like a beautiful starry night.

Is Goldstone Manmade? Bluestone?

These two stones are in fact manmade crystals, but despite that, they are both said to contain healing properties, and thus worth us talking about.  It is similar in concept to Opalite.  Of course it is entirely up to you and how you feel.  Not everyone can connect to these manmade gems.

How Is Goldstone Made?

These are man-made rocks that have been around for centuries. Goldstone is mainly made with silica, borax, copper oxide and several other compounds melted together. The reddish-brown color is due to the presence of copper.

How Is Blue Goldstone Made?

Blue goldstone is a mixture of the same main components like silica and borax but uses cobalt in place of copper oxide. This makes the glittery flecks to appear silver in color while the stone itself takes the deep blue color of the mineral cobalt.


Uses and Popularity

Goldstone and blue goldstone are fairly popular for their easy availability and affordability. The sparkling appearance of the stone makes it a personal favorite for jewelers and sculptors alike. 

It is often cut into cabochons, spheres, hearts and beads to be made into rings, pendants, bracelets, charms and even amulets. It is also used in many small, artistic sculptures and is an even more popular material for making tumbled stones.

Goldstone Meaning

The goldstone is said to carry and give out positive energy to the one who wears or carries it with them. It is called the ‘stone of ambition’ and for good reason. Goldstone has the healing properties of both cobalt and copper which make it a good source of encouragement, self-motivation and spiritual awareness.

It is believed that goldstone activates the sacral chakra which is located around three inches under the naval. Physically this chakra takes care of the pelvic girdle, reproductive system, kidneys, bladder etc.

Spiritually, this chakra is connected to relationships, passionate emotions and creative ideas. The vitality and strength of the sacral chakra surrounds the wearer with a positive attitude and a sense of security.




Blue Goldstone

Healing Properties

Encourages creativity, drive and passion

Brings peace, courage to speak the truth and intuition


Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra


What is Blue Goldstone?


Blue Goldstone Meaning

The throat chakra is the center of all communication and encourages a person to speak for themselves. This chakra looks after the neck, throat, jaws, vocal cords and even the respiratory system.

Mentally and spiritually, the throat chakra is said to allow a person to express their inner thoughts, emotions and words. It gives the freedom and peace of mind. Think of it as connecting to your inner voice and consciousness. 


Final Thoughts

Goldstone and blue goldstone are amazing stones that are both powerful and easy on the pocket. The healing properties of the minerals used in making these stones add to the overall positive vibe and energy of the stone. Wearing it in jewelry is a good way to keep it closer to the skin. 

PS, there is in fact a natural 'bluestone' that is different from that of blue goldstone.

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What is Goldstone? What is Blue Goldstone?

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