How to Activate Crystals - Learn How & Why

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Let's talk Crystal Activation!

how to activate your crystal


Crystal activation is a little bit like cleansing your crystals but not quite the same. Crystal activation is about getting the crystals to work with your vibes. This is something you can do when you have already cleansed your crystals but before you want to start working with them.

Many people cleanse their crystals by burying them in the ground, letting them sit in a flowing river (depending on the type of crystal!) or by simply letting the crystal sit in the palm of their hand and absorbing their good vibes and intentions.

How To Activate Crystals

You can also use other crystals or crystal grids to activate your crystals for a specific intention. A lot of crystal activation is about your own vibes and getting the crystals aligned with your way of being and your own intentions. It can be a great time to self-reflect and decide what your true intentions are so you can use your crystals as effectively as possible.

The best way to effectively activate your crystals is by finding a way which you connect with the most and sticking with that. Many people like to activate their crystals with their own energy which can be a very personal and individual experience that really helps shape the vibes of your crystal to your personal needs.

Wearing a crystal for a while or carrying it around with you for a short time are also great ways to activate your crystal and can be both time-saving and convenient for a busy person!

Amethyst, Quartz and Selenite are all fantastic crystals to use to activate other crystals with.

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How to Activate Crystals - Learn How & Why

How to activate a crystal

Activating crystals