Learn the Trick! How to get Crystals to Stand Up!

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How to get crystals to stand up!

Earthquake Putty

We've all had those crystals that just BARELY won't stand up on their side, but you don't want to have the look of putting them in an actual stand.  Or even those cute little pieces that you aren't quite sure how to display them other than just having them lay there on their side.  Here is a crystal industry trick for you!!  And probably a life hack in general HAHA. I legit use it on everything.

Create a Ball of the Earthquake Putty

Earthquake Putty!  Seriously.  This little white putty works for so many things in crystal world, but most importantly, you can use it to help crystal babies stand up.  And for less than $6 for a crap ton of it, skies the limit my friends!  Well, of course weight and gravity are actually your limit. : ) 

All you have to do is use the putty to create a little 'stand' for the pieces that just don't want to completely stay up.  Here are some shots of how I got this little white apophyllite to stand up.

Place on Bottom of Crystal

You can also use this for small thumbnail crystal specimens by placing them on acrylic square stands or thumbnail perky boxes like the ones I have available.

I found it on Amazon, but I'm sure you can find it more places as well.  But here is the link to the earthquake putty if you want to grab some for yourself.  Of course sometimes you have to breakdown and use a crystal holder or stand.  I'm working on getting more up in the shop all the time to suit many needs and styles!

A Peek from Behind
I've seriously used this putty for so many things haha.  Little wood letter signs that won't stand.  I used it under everything on a shelf that the cats tend to lay near and accidentally move in their napping.  I use on my crystal display shelves so things don't move if it gets nudged. I even use it while I'm doing my resin art.  It's so helpful!!
Now that I have a stash I'm shocked at how often I grab a little piece here and there.  Olive kitty kept knocking this little crystal off my shelf (she thought it was fun). So I put a little putty on it.  She was so confused the first time she tried after that.  Made me laugh hehe.


The Final Product! A Crystal Standing With Earthquake Putty

Learn the Trick! How to get Crystals to Stand Up!

earthquake putty for crystals

putty for crystals