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If you’re a fiery Sagittarius that tends to be very impatient, then some of our crystals for Sagittarius will be able to cool you down. We have a collection of crystals such as Blue Lace Agate, Garnet, Green Aventurine, Kunzite, Lapis Lazuli and plenty of others listed down below including the Sagittarius birthstone.

What Crystals Are Good for Sagittarius?

Crystals for Sagittarius will perfectly intensify this sign’s innate hard-working and determined energy. These crystals will also help their fiery temperament which can get in the way and make them a bit impatient. With this, Sagittariuses will be able to focus on one thing at a time instead of being scattered which is very common for them. Working with these crystals will even prevent them from speaking without thinking!

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Crystals for Sagittarius like Garnet and Carnelian can amplify their motivation and hard-working energy. Sodalite crystal will help them focus on one thing at a time while they’re working which will lead them to even greater productivity. For completely cooling their temperament Sagittarians should use Blue Lace Agate, Obsidian, Amethyst or Kunzite. If they need to cleanse and uplift their energy, they can use a combination of Green Aventurine and Clear Quartz while Onyx will keep the negativity away. Sagittariuses can break their bad habits with Malachite and express themselves in a more mature manner using Lapis Lazuli. Lastly, if they’re looking for enhancing their creativity, they can pick up some Citrine crystal!

Additionally, Sagittarius individuals can benefit from the energizing and grounding properties of Red Jasper. This crystal provides them with a stable foundation and enhances their vitality, allowing them to pursue their adventurous spirit with a sense of groundedness. For expanding their horizons and promoting spiritual growth, Sagittariuses can turn to Labradorite. Its iridescent hues stimulate their curiosity and intuition, inspiring them to explore new possibilities.

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To support their optimistic nature and maintain a positive outlook, Sun stone can be a valuable crystal ally. It radiates warmth, optimism, and abundance, aligning perfectly with Sagittarius' expansive nature. Incorporating these crystals into their daily life will help Sagittariuses navigate their journey with enthusiasm, balance, and a sense of purpose.

Grab some gorgeous jewelry or a smooth tumble stone to help tame the Sagittarius in your life.

Sagittarius Birthstone

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Turquoise, the birthstone for Sagittarius individuals born between November 22 and December 21, is a gemstone with a storied history and a captivating blue-green color. This gem resonates harmoniously with the free-spirited and adventurous nature often attributed to Sagittarius. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Turquoise has been considered a protective talisman, safeguarding Sagittarians during their journeys and connecting them to higher wisdom and spiritual growth. It's believed to enhance communication and intuition, enabling Sagittarians to express themselves more clearly and navigate their adventurous pursuits with insight. Wearing Turquoise as jewelry or keeping it as a personal talisman can ground Sagittarians in their quest for knowledge and experiences, while fostering a deeper connection to their inner selves.

For November, the birthstone is Topaz, a gem that manifests in a range of warm colors such as yellow, orange, and brown. Topaz symbolizes love and affection, making it a suitable gemstone for November-born individuals who often radiate warmth and kindness.

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December presents two birthstones:

Tanzanite, with its captivating blue-violet hue, is known for its rarity and beauty. It signifies transformation, spirituality, and a connection to higher realms. This gem aligns with December-born individuals who seek self-discovery and embrace change.

Zircon, available in various colors, including blue, is associated with wisdom, honor, and prosperity. It complements the attributes of December-born individuals, offering a sense of depth and wisdom to their character.

Best Crystals for Sagittarius

Blue Lace Agate, Garnet, Green Aventurine, Kunzite, Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Malachite Stone, Onyx, Lepidolite, Carnelian, Sodalite.

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