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Looking to start your crystal collection?  Or want to get small tumbled stones or polished rocks you can use for crystal gridding or take them on the go?  Hello pocket crystals!  These tumbled crystals and stones are the perfect size!  I've also included small raw crystal points because many people use these along with tumbles to help direct the energy in crystal grids. Read more about tumbled stones at the bottom of the page!

What Are Tumbled Stones?

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Tumbled stones are brightly polished, small and rounded pieces of minerals.  Tumble stones are the easiest way to get a taste of different kinds of crystals and minerals.

They are also known as “polished stones” and “baroque gems”. Tumbled crystals are used as décor and crafting different objects such as jewelry. They are also great souvenirs, collectables and stones with plenty of healing properties. 

Tumbled crystals are created by doing, as the name suggests, tumbling stones in a tumbler hehe. They start out as raw crystals and chunks and are put into this machine which slowly grinds down the rough edges and eventually ends with a polishing stage.  The last step is the polishing using aluminum oxide to produce a bright and shiny surface. The best materials for making tumbled crystals are colorful minerals with a Mohs hardness between 5 and 8 because they are durable and accept a good polish.

They are small in size and easy to work with, plus they are very affordable crystal option! Polished rocks and crystals can be used in crystal gridding in a specific crystal healing manner, they can be kept in pockets or purses so you can keep their energy with you, you can put in small cages and make into keychains or necklaces, and many people like tumblestones for travel sets.

The History of Polished Rocks

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Tumbled stones, also known as polished rocks or crystal tumbles, have a long and fascinating history that dates back thousands of years. The practice of tumbling stones to create smooth, rounded shapes began in ancient civilizations like Egypt and Mesopotamia. These early lapidaries used sand and water to manually polish stones, resulting in the first tumbled gemstones.

Tumbled stones held significant cultural and spiritual importance in various ancient societies. They were often used as amulets, talismans, or for decorative purposes. In some cultures, these polished stones were believed to possess healing properties and were used in rituals and ceremonies.

The popularity of tumbled stones continued to grow over time, and in recent decades, it has become a mainstream practice in the world of crystal healing and metaphysics. Today, people use tumbled stones for various purposes, including meditation, energy work, and as beautiful additions to their crystal collections. The art of tumbling stones has evolved with modern technology, making it easier to produce polished gems with consistent quality, but its roots in ancient traditions continue to inspire those who appreciate the beauty and metaphysical properties of tumbled crystals.

Tumbling Stones

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Tumbling stones has evolved into an enjoyable and creative activity that engages both kids and adults in a fascinating world of geology and craftsmanship. While the technical aspects of how tumbling machines work are intriguing, what truly sets this hobby apart is the hands-on experience of collecting raw rocks and transforming them into beautifully polished tumbled stones.

For many, the journey begins with a sense of wonder as they explore outdoor landscapes in search of interesting stones. Whether it's a scenic hike, a day at the beach, or simply combing through a gravel driveway, there's a thrill in discovering unique rocks that catch the eye. These found treasures become the raw materials for a tumbling adventure.

Once collected, the process of tumbling begins, with enthusiasts carefully selecting the stones they want to transform. This selection process involves a blend of artistic vision and geological curiosity. It's an opportunity to connect with the Earth's natural beauty in a tangible way.  You can grab a tumbler kit from a local hobby shop, or lapidary shop if you have one.  But if you have neither option, you might be able to find one a Hobby Lobby or Michael's Crafts... or there are always lots of tumbler options on Amazon.

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As the tumbling machines work their magic, what unfolds is not just a physical transformation of rough rocks into smooth, polished gems, but also a journey of patience and anticipation. It's a reminder of the Earth's ability to create stunning beauty over eons, condensed into a few weeks or months. Plus it is a great way for you or your kiddos to see how much goes into doing these polished rocks as it will take various steps to complete.

The end result is a collection of tumbled stones that can be used for various purposes, from crafting jewelry to decorating home spaces. Moreover, this hobby fosters an appreciation for Earth's geological wonders and a deeper connection to the natural world. So, whether you're a child or an adult, tumbling stones has become a delightful and enriching pastime that allows you to explore the Earth's hidden treasures and create your very own polished gems.


How To Use Crystal Tumbles

Polished rocks can also be used while meditating because of the calming effect of the smooth surface. It’s good to carry them in pockets and purses as they increase clarity, prosperity, happiness and feminine energy. Tumbled crystals help with chakra balancing as well. Depending on the chakra, you can use a specific crystal. Often times the color of the crystal corresponds with the chakra.

If you aren't into the healing properties or meanings, tumble crystals also just look beautiful in a crystal bowl, or scattered around the home or in plant pots! Crystals of all shapes and sizes make great additions to home decor.

tumbled stonePolished Rocks

We offer a huge variety of polished rock options from the most common like rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst, aquamarine, pyrite and smoky quartz, but we also have more unique and rare tumble options like apache tears (obsidian), UV ruby feldspar, prasiolite (green amethyst), natural citrine and way more!

We also have a 'Crystals for Beginners' tumble stone gift set for those who are looking to start out with the essentials! It has two different options as well. Or grab a bunch of different kinds of tumbles and build your own crystal gift sets.

An easy centerpiece can even be some pretty tumble stones laid out in a jar or on a plate with candles added to them. You can choose tumble stones that match your theme or color scheme to really make it pop!


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