Olive & Lily the Crystal Kitties

Lily Kitty with CrystalsHello from Olive and Lily, the Crystal Kitties of Contempo Crystals.  The two little crazies wanted to share some of their favorite items with you.
People often ask what products we use.  And while it's nothing fancy, we have found a couple ones we really like!

Favorite Food!

The first up are the Stella & Chewy's Chick Chick Morsels.  They are freeze dried, so you can give them to your kitties with water added to them, sprinkle on top of their dry kibble, or my girls just love them as is... I mean no joke they wake me up to get these for breakfast.  They still have their dry kibble all the time, and share a can of wet at night, but I feel better knowing they are getting some healthy goodness.  This stuff isn't the cheapest, but if you can get it on the Amazon Subscribe & Save (or similar program) you can get a good amount off.  They also make some yummy treats.
Olive the Crystal Kitty

Favorite Cat Litter!

Up next, our FAVORITE cat litter.... OKOCAT Fine Wood Litter ('Super Soft').  I've tried quite a few (luckily the girls aren't picky about switching)... crystal cat litter (3 kinds), and multiple kinds of clay.  I didn't want to go with one of the food based ones since I'm on the ground floor and hear those bring on bugs.  The OKOCAT smells just like fresh sawdust and STAYS THAT WAY!! No joke, with two cats I easily made it to 2 MONTHS with the same large box.  It is SUPER lightweight... which is great since my delivery drivers looked like they wanted to kill me for the 40 lb. Dr. Eisley clay bags.  It is also compostable, so you can flush it (of course depending on your system), so I don't have to use expensive Litter Genie liners!

The ONLY thing I don't love is that it does track, but tell me a litter that doesn't.  Plus it is tiny little fine wood, so unlike the crystals or clay it doesn't hurt to step on.  To minimize this I have the litter box within a cabinet and there is a litter mat inside and outside the box, so it really doesn't travel far.

Olive Sleeping with Amethyst   Lily with Spirit Quartz Crystals

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People are always asking where I got Olive & Lily's furry cat bed, so here is the link for you!
 Super soft and extra snuggly, your cat will probably love it too!

Olive & Lily the Crystal Kitties - Our Favorite Items

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