Crystals for Business

Crystals for Business

There are plenty of awesome crystals for business which can also be helpful for different aspects of success, prosperity and business dealings.  Below we will dive a bit more into each of these crystals!

Crystals for Success

Tiger Eye Crystals for Business Success

Tigers Eye - Aka Tiger Eye

This stunning stone is amazing for bringing you energy, inspiration and courage; perfect for those starting out in the business world, whether you’re a newbie or a budding entrepreneur. With tiger’s eye you get the fire of the sun in the yellow/gold striations and the solidity of the earth in the deep brown hues – keeping you fired up and ready to go, but still grounded enough to keep you going in the right direction.

Tiger’s eye has long been a stone for protection against ill-wishing, which can often be aimed at those who are starting to gain success from their hard work (jealousy can sometimes come from the most unlikely of people). With this crystal you will be able to keep on track and stay vigilant to the things that will help you and knowing of the things that won’t.

When it comes to making money, citrine and tiger’s eye will both help you bring it in, but tiger’s eye will make sure you hold on to it!


Just the name alone is bound to bring warm thoughts and a more positive mindset, but having a piece of sunstone in your workspace will bring you even more joy. What is the sun’s most important job? To shine, of course, and sunstone will help you to do just that. Stand out and sparkle as you bask in your success, with no inhibitions and no negative nancy’s to hold you back.

If you struggle to say no to people, then sunstone can help you to stand up for yourself when needed and give you those extra boosts of energy we all need from time to time. They can also be a great gemstone to hold when mulling over big business decisions.

Stepping into the online business world? Keep a piece of this gorgeous crystal next to your computer for added success factor!

Green Aventurine

This stunning stone comes in a variety of colors, but green aventurine is the one you’ll want around your workspace. Aventurine is the lucky stone and can help you to put your faith in fate to take that leap. With this crystal around, you’ll be able to spot amazing chances as they head your way and give you the oomph to grab them – it is actually often referred to as “the opportunity stone”!

We all have moments when we feel… stuck. This green dream can help you to overcome habits and negative ways of thinking by getting to the root of the cause and making sure your way of looking at things is not blinkered.

If you have gotten to the stage in your business where you’re hiring people to help you out, aventurine can enable you to become the most inspiring leader you can be and keep morale up throughout the troops.


Garnet is the perfect stone for you if you find yourself flitting from one business idea to the next (because who doesn’t get excited and do this?) – it can help you to stay focused on your goals and complete the tasks at hand. Sometimes referred to as “the stone of commitment”, garnet will keep your mind from wandering and help you to commit to your schedule. This pretty crystal will even help to boost your self-esteem, which is brilliant for any business which thrives from having strong business relationships.

Creative businesses can really shine with the right ideas and brilliant execution, so make sure there’s a piece of garnet on your desk when you’re coming up with new products or concepts.

Like tiger’s eye, garnet can help you to keep hold of your hard earned cash, so why not place these two crystals in your cash register or even in your wallet!?


This orange-red stone works wonders for those with an ambitious nature, as it can help to point all determination in the right direction. Using your energy wisely is the name of the game when starting your own business and carnelian can help you to call upon your deepest energy reserves, to keep you powering through when you absolutely have to.

Start your day with a short meditation – while holding your carnelian, focus on clearing your mind of unnecessary clutter, so you can begin the working day with clarity and the drive to complete the most important tasks.

Carnelian can help you to get through any rough patches you might face and will help lift you out of any ruts, to show you there is a path ahead, filled with possibilities!

Green Jasper

If you’re working in partnership with someone, then green jasper would be a great crystal to have around your workspace. This stone can help with balance in a business and can aid cooperation between the two of you. With green jasper you may find that you spot areas in the business which could be a little lopsided – maybe someone is taking on more work and could do with some help from time to time.

This is also a fab crystal to take out of the office as it can help you to explore and see the world with a more creative mind (light bulb moments can happen literally anywhere)!

Lepidolite Tumbles for Business


If your business involves helping others, whether that be physically or spiritually, lepidolite would be the perfect workplace buddy for you. This crystal can help you succeed without input from anyone else and will keep you grounded as you progress. Going solo in business can be a little tricky when it comes to making decisions, with no one to bounce your ideas off or discuss things with, so keep some lepidolite nearby to help cut through the noise and help you formulate decisions.

Focusing solely on success, lepidolite will bring luck and keep you feeling all of the warm fuzzies you get from helping others – sounds pretty successful to me!


If you know you want to get started with a business ASAP, but don’t fully know what it is you want to do, then use the power of topaz to help light up your life path. This optimistic stone will bring positive thoughts and encourage you to value what means the most to you – finding a business idea doesn’t have to be all that difficult.

Topaz makes a brilliant desk companion for those who create art or handmade items, as it can inspire creativity.

Citrine for Business Success

Citrine for Business Success

If you are looking for that one single crystal you need to keep around your office or work space to enhance energy and help your journey to prosperity, it is the Citrin Crystal!  There is a reason it is all over our shop, and that is because it is one of the top recommended stones for all of those traits.

  • Prosperity & Abundance
  • Self-Confidence & Courage
  • Creativity & Inspiration
  • Happiness
  • Motivation

Citrine is a member of the quartz crystal family, and is quite a powerful piece of earth.  Much of the Citrine on the market today is an imposter, a heat treated Amethyst disguised as Citrine.  Natural Citrine is actually light tan to yellow color, is not bright yellow or orange.  Although there ARE some rare natural citrines that can be a bright yellow... you just have to be able to trust your source! See below for some images of real versus fake.  

What has happened is the seller has taken an Amethyst piece, heated it up, and changed it’s coloring, but its bones and shape are still an Amethyst.

It was important for us to bring in the natural version of Citrine because it is such an important component for prosperity.  Heat-treated Amethyst ‘Citrine’ can sometimes gain the energy of a Citrine, but it can be unpredictable. Sending you a faux Citrine would mean that I could actually be sending you the crystal energy of an Amethyst, which seems to defeat the purpose right?  This is also why our citrine tumbles and pieces may be more expensive that other people, because naturally occuring Citrine is far more rare than Amethyst. But you need that correct energy people!

Natural Citrine Points from Brazil

What to do with your Citrine?

A nice Citrine point or piece is great to keep on your desk and within your sightlines of where you do the most work, within two feet of you is best.  Let it remind you of its magical properties on the regular. It is also great to keep Citrine on your person with malas or citrine necklaces, whatever you prefer, especially when you are on the move for a business meeting or presentation.  Or you can keep it in the prosperity corner of your home or office, which would be the back left corner of your space (from looking toward your house or office from outside).

Heat Treated Citrine Bracelets from Brazil

When you first receive a Citrine, you can cleanse its energy with either sage, palo santo, the moon, sound bath, or selenite. But citrine does not HAVE to be cleansed. It is one of the few crystals that doesn't need it.  You want to be sure it has your intentions put into it.  While holding your citrine, think about your intentions and the goals you have, and what you want to manifest with it.  Write down your affirmation, and while holding in in your dominant hand, repeat your affirmation and intention until you feel the crystal has take the message. Place it on your desk, near a vision board (with your written affirmation if you’d like), you can even take a bath with it to ward off negativity, or place on your body to give a boost of energy.

Convinced citrine is your jam?  Pick a piece of citrine out from our shop!

If you aren't into citrine, but you are looking for other crystals for prosperity, or a crystals for money, head to the menu and use the 'shop by property' section and you can find some other crystal options for your needs. You can even find other ones for luck, motivation, creativity, etc.

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Those are just a few of the amazing crystals that could help you with your business, each has its own energy which can be applied to your own personal situation. Crystals are not just pretty, decorative items, their healing energies could help to get you to where you want to be! Choose them in jewelry or surround your work space with these awesome crystals and get ready to feel the benefits!

There might be other crystals for business that can help as well depending on your specific needs.  For example if you need crystals for motivation or crystals for confidence in business meetings and what not, you can also use the website menu to 'shop by healing property'!

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