Crystals for The New Year

Crystals You Need for The New Year

The new year is fast approaching and the thrill of a new year has us thinking about all of the things we want to achieve and change. Even though you can obviously go crystal purchasing sporadically throughout the year – there really isn’t a better time to add to your crystal collection than in January!

Resolutions are a lot like intentions that we set for the year ahead, so why not bring some crystal power to this next year? We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular resolutions and suggested the best crystals to help you to succeed in the coming year.  Most of these are of course available in the crystal shop!

New Year’s Resolution: “Get fit and healthy”
If you want to start the year off with some health and fitness goals, then you might want to invest in the influence of one (or more) of the crystals below:

Blue Apatite – This blue beauty is perfect for those who need a little more motivation to help reach those goals and it can help to bring balance – so you’ll always feel ready to chase those PRs and fitness aims! It is also known to help encourage healthy eating.

Bloodstone – Endurance is a word that is strongly associated with exercise and bloodstone is the perfect crystal to strengthen your body and keep it going for longer.

Tiger Eye – This gemstone can help to boost vitality – giving you more energy throughout your entire body, so you can keep on going until you reach your fitness goals.

New Year’s Resolution: “Save money”
Saving money is something that we all feel we should do, with pressure to own property, start a family, pay for incidentals… the list goes on! There are sadly a lot of things in life which require the green stuff to get us by, so if your wallet needs a boost, try buying yourself one of our money faves (a little investment can go a long way):

Citrine – Give yourself and your wallet a boost with citrine – known as the “merchant’s stone”, citrine can help you to attract money and inspire you to save it!  This is the stone of prosperity!

Pyrite – Attract some real gold with fool’s gold! Pyrite brings abundance when you need it, so if your intentions are to save up a nest egg, then keep some pyrite about your person. If you own a business, keep it in or on the cash register to attract some prosperity. It also encourages financial security.

Malachite – This green babe is a great choice for anyone who struggles when it comes to investments or just finds it hard to make correct money decisions. It can help you to make the right financial moves to get you on the track to saving.
*My friends over at Prosperity Tribe also make awesome tumbled sets for this!

New Year’s Resolution: “Quit my bad habit”
Quitting something that’s bad for your health is a very beneficial, so take come crystal inspiration from these beauties to start gaining headway with your journey to a smoke/drink-free life:

Amethyst – There isn’t much amethyst can’t help with, from better sleep to calming the mind of anxiety. This wonder-crystal can also helping you to overcome bad habits, however big or small.  It is known as the sobriety crystal as well.

Onyx – Will power plays a huge role in the breaking of habits, so get yourself a black onyx crystal to increase yours tenfold! 

Amazonite – Amazonite is perfect if you need to do a little digging to find the cause or reason for your bad habit. It can help you to get to the root of the cause, while reminding you of the end result – a healthier, more fulfilling life.

New Year’s Resolution: “Start my new business venture”
One of my favorite things to hear people talking about is plans to set up a business. If you want to take your hobbies or interests to the next level and start making money out of them, then pop some of these crystal beauties into your pocket or creative space:

Sunstone – To get ahead in a self-employed world, you need to shine above the competition, so it makes sense to have sunstone by your side. This crystal is also great for decision making, so pop a piece on the table at your next meeting or brainstorming session.

Carnelian – If you have ambition, use carnelian to give you that extra entrepreneurial boost. This bright red-orange stone calls upon your deepest energy stores, meaning you can keep going on your quest to starting up a new business and really making a go of it.  It is also a stone of creativity!

Garnet – Keep your mind on the one track to success – garnet will help to keep you on one train of thought, rather than flitting from one idea to the next. This focus will help you to bring your new business idea to fruition.

New Year’s Resolution: “Travel”
Many of us want to see what our planet has to offer us and there sure is plenty of scope for adventure. Once you’ve used crystals to help you save up the funds, get out and see the world with the help of these earthly pretties:

Moonstone – This stunning gemstone has been referred to as the “traveler’s stone” throughout history, so let’s start here. Moonstone is a lucky stone which helps to protect those who are travelling overseas and it can also help with jet lag for long-haul flights.

Malachite – A very protective stone which has been said to break apart when danger is nearby, malachite can help settle fears of flying and helps to keep travelers safe in busy environments.

Smoky Quartz – A good all-rounder, smoky quartz can help to get rid of negative energy and relieve stress while traveling. This beautiful gemstone will help you to stay alert and aware while commuting – we all know how confusing airports can be sometimes.

New Year’s Resolution: “Cut my time on social media” HAHA
Everyone must have been guilty of spending too much time aimlessly scrolling through social media and it’s eating into our sleep, relaxation and even our work days (oops)! So start a revolution with a new year’s intention to leave that phone alone more often, with these crystals by your side:

Amethyst, Onyx & Amazonite – As we mentioned above, these 3 crystals are great for helping you to quit things you don’t need and giving you the willpower to keep going.

Quartz – Bring the power of the “master healer” into your life and enjoy the energies this stone brings. Quartz can clear your mind and help you to focus on things that are actually important – so not the latest picture of your favorite insta-dog.

Rose Quartz – This pink pretty will help you to love yourself and stop dwelling on that feeling of not being “good enough”. Self love can help you to see that you are brilliant and you don’t need to compare yourself to others.

Black Tourmaline – EMFs (Electro Magnetic Fields) come hand in hand with many of the technological devices we use today and they can affect our health and wellbeing. So keep black tourmaline around you when you do slip and decide to aimlessly scroll through Facebook or Instagram. They also protect you from negitivity from others – online bullies BE GONE!!!

New Year’s Resolution: “Be more spiritual”
Getting in touch with our spiritual side can be such an enlightening experience and crystals are definitely a sure-fire way to get you feeling and thinking more deeply. Take some time to meditate with one of these calming gems for an instant spiritual boost:

Labradorite – Open up your Third Eye Chakra and let your thoughts get deep. This color-shifting crystal is perfect for meditation – helping you to understand yourself and the world around you on a deeper level.

Lapis Lazuli – Lapis can help to enlighten you and bring your psychic abilities to the fore and just like labradorite, it is connected to the Third Eye.

Kyanite – Transmit and amplify higher energies with kyanite and become more aware of your intuition. Work through personal fears and discover truths about yourself and your own spiritual journey.


There are so many amazing crystals in this world, so keep your eyes peeled and your senses turned up – you might find that a certain crystal will work for you that isn’t mentioned here. Crystals are personal, so they work for us in different ways.  Whether you are working through grief, trying to get pregnant this year, etc., there is a crystal or two that can definitely help you out!  If you are just starting out on your crystal journey, definitely pick up the Crystals for Beginners Book by Karen Frazier, linked here.  It is a great resource and refresher even for those who have experience working with crystals! Or check out my other favorite crystal books.

Remember to be clear with your intentions and how you want your crystal to assist you in the realization of your new year’s resolutions. If you need a more general “new start” for your year, take a look at rutilated quartz, amazonite and ocean jasper. Think hard about what you want to achieve and go for it with our crystals!

Happy new year crystal babes!
Visit the crystal shop to pick up some new gem babies!

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Crystals You Need for the New Year

crystals for the new year

crystals for New Years resolutions