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Chalcedony crystals can have different colors ranging from white, black, gray, blue to pink and red. They can also be semitransparent to completely translucent with a waxy luster or even a druzy sparkle. These gemstones increase nurturing, benevolence and generosity while absorbing negativity. Chalcedony are also known for their effect on vitality and stamina along with emotional balance.

We offer a large variety of colorful Chalcedony that may be in different forms such as points, spheres, clusters as well as some very unique shapes like skulls, hearts and many more. We also have breathtaking jewelry for everyday wear! Read more about the chalcedony meaning at the bottom of the page!

Chalcedony Crystal

chalcedony crystalWhat is Chalcedony?

Chalcedony is a variety of Quartz crystals with a cryptocrystalline structure. They are actually a mixture caused by fine intergrowths of the Quartz mineral along with Moganite. In the family of Chalcedony gemstones there are many varieties that look different to each other, but have the same chemical compound. Some of the members of this group are very well known in the world of crystals and include Agate, Onyx, Carnelian, Jasper, Tiger Eye, Sardonyx, Chrysoprase and many others.

Chalcedony crystal is a silicon dioxide mineral. The hardness on the Mohs scale is 6-7 which means that it’s a particularly sturdy gem. Interestingly enough, Chalcedony is more soluble than Quartz despite the similar chemical make-up. The reason behind this is the fact that these are more finely grained crystals and they also have Moganite in the structure.

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What does chalcedony look like?

Chalcedony, with its visually captivating forms, showcases a remarkable diversity in its appearance. From translucent and milky white varieties to vibrant shades of blue, pink, and even green, chalcedony manifests in a multitude of visually stunning ways. It can form as delicate and intricate layers, resembling ethereal cloud formations frozen in time. The presence of bands and stripes adds an enchanting charm to some chalcedony specimens, while others exhibit mesmerizing swirls and patterns reminiscent of abstract art. Druzy formations, with their sparkling crystalline surfaces, create a dazzling display of tiny crystals that catch the light with an iridescent glow. The formation of chalcedony is a testament to the creative forces of nature, showcasing an array of visual wonders that continue to captivate and inspire.

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Chalcedony Colors

Chalcedony crystals are like a vibrant canvas of nature's artistry, showcasing a stunning array of colors that never cease to amaze. These enchanting crystals can take on a wide spectrum of hues, making them a treasure trove for collectors and enthusiasts. From delicate pastel pinks to deep, mysterious blacks, and from tranquil blues to lush greens, chalcedony's diversity knows no bounds. You can also find variations in shades like lavender, gray, yellow, and orange, each offering its unique charm. This captivating range of colors is often a result of impurities and trace elements present during chalcedony's formation, creating a symphony of tones that can cater to every aesthetic preference. Whether you're drawn to the soothing serenity of blue chalcedony or the bold elegance of black, there's a chalcedony crystal to suit every taste and purpose.

Green Chalcedony

Green Chalcedony is often associated with healing and growth. It's believed to promote emotional balance and harmony while encouraging feelings of generosity and kindness. This soothing green crystal can help you connect with the heart chakra, fostering love and compassion for oneself and others.

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Black Chalcedony Meaning

Black Chalcedony, sometimes known as Black Onyx, is a stone of protection and strength. It's said to absorb and transform negative energy, providing a sense of security and stability. Black Chalcedony can also enhance self-control and help release unhealthy attachments, making it a powerful ally for personal growth and transformation.

Blue Meaning

Blue Chalcedony embodies calmness and communication. It's thought to stimulate the throat chakra, facilitating clear and honest expression. This serene crystal encourages peaceful interactions, eases anxiety, and fosters a sense of tranquility, making it a valuable companion for effective communication.

Pink Chalcedony

Pink Chalcedony represents love and emotional healing. It's associated with the heart chakra, helping to soothe emotional wounds and promote self-love and self-acceptance. Pink Chalcedony's gentle energy inspires feelings of tenderness and compassion, making it a wonderful crystal for matters of the heart.

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Where is Chalcedony Found?

Chalcedony, a captivating and versatile crystal, can be found in various corners of the globe. In Namibia, its vibrant hues and intricate patterns can be discovered, offering a glimpse into the beauty of nature's artistry. India, with its rich mineral resources, is home to remarkable deposits of chalcedony crystal, where its colors range from soft pastels to vibrant shades. In Morocco, the land of breathtaking landscapes, crystal chalcedony can be unearthed, showcasing its captivating beauty.

Traveling to Brazil, one encounters a treasure trove of chalcedony, with its diverse colors and formations. Iceland, known for its stunning geological wonders, also reveals the presence of chalcedony in its ethereal landscapes. Mexico, a land steeped in ancient traditions and natural splendor, holds deposits of chalcedony that embody its vibrant energy.

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In the United States, chalcedony can be found in various states, each contributing its unique characteristics. From the picturesque landscapes of Arizona to the rugged terrains of California and the enchanting beauty of Oregon, chalcedony reveals itself in its many forms. Other countries, such as Turkey, bear significance in the history of chalcedony, as the crystal is believed to have been named after the Turkish town of Chalcedon. India is also known for their sparkling formations that tend to grow alongside an apophyllite cluster.

Chalcedony Meaning

Chalcedony is a versatile and nurturing crystal that offers a wide range of benefits. Its primary role is to restore balance and harmony to one's life by shielding against negative energies and vibrations. This protective quality makes it an excellent choice for those seeking to maintain a sense of peace and well-being in challenging situations.

chalcedony geodeOne of the remarkable aspects of the Chalcedony meaning is its ability to promote empathy and goodwill among individuals, particularly during times of conflict. It encourages open and honest communication, fostering understanding and cooperation. This crystal is a valuable tool for resolving disputes and nurturing healthy relationships.

Chalcedony's influence extends to the realm of self-improvement. It inspires self-reflection and self-awareness, aiding in the development of a positive self-image and constructive thought patterns. With Chalcedony by your side, you may find that your creativity and memory are enhanced, leading to greater mental flexibility and problem-solving abilities.

In summary, the Chalcedony meaning encompasses balance, protection, empathy, self-improvement, and enhanced mental faculties. Its gentle yet potent energy makes it a valuable companion for those on a journey of personal growth and positive transformation.

Specifically, different Chalcedony crystals can work with different chakras. The Blue Chalcedony is well known for balancing the Throat Chakra with opening communication and the Green Chalcedony is connected to the Heart Chakra which will aid you in being open to the exchange of love.


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Chalcedony crystals can be worn as jewelry in order to increase protection, physical power and courage as well as gifting you a lot of good luck. You should also consider getting stones with specific benefits from the large variety of this mineral family. The perfect way to ensure you achieve success in your career is to pick one of these crystals and carry them with you. Additionally, you can combine them with Smoky Quartz, Rhodonite or Fluorite for enhancing soothing energies and if you’re looking for more kind and loving interactions you can pair it with Kunzite, Jasper, Celestine and many others. It’s also considered to be one of the birth stones for the zodiac sign Sagittarius as it can perfectly balance them out. However, it can be a great crystals for any zodiac sign!

how to pronounce chalcedonyHow to pronounce Chalcedony?

So how to pronounce chalcedony.... Haha I don't blame you for asking for asking this.  It's one of the many crystals that doesn't get pronounced the way it seems that it should.  For a looooong time I personally pronounced it as Chal-se-doney until I actually heard someone say it in person and was utterly confused.  I legit thought it was a different stone they were talking about for at least an hour of conversations.  

The correct way to pronounce chalcedony is in fact:  kal·seh·duh·nee


chalcedony meaning

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