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Shop all crystal points, obelisks, towers and more! Tons of different stone options including natural citrine, pyrite, green aventurine, howlite and so much more. 

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Crystal Points

We love crystal points of every shape, size, and stone type! Crystal points are a classic shape as far as carved crystals go. This section includes natural crystal points (not polished), semi-polished crystal points, standing crystal obelisk points, large crystal towers, and down to little tiny crystal points that can be used in gemstone jewelry! You will even find some crystal flame carvings in this section... after all, they do end in a point at the top hehe.
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In addition to offering one of a kind crystal points like Pistachio Calcite Points, or Amethyst Agate Crystal Towers, we also offer unique 'in stock' crystal point options like Pyrite Obelisks, small Indigo Gabbro Points and many more. It just depends on the look you are going for and the size you need! Crystal points work perfectly on their own as a large crystal, or are a perfect addition to a crystal shelf or altar space.

Crystal points make for a great addition to home decor, but they are also said to help direct the energy of crystals. This is especially true of double terminated crystal points or 'DT' crystals as it is said they can send energy in BOTH directions. This can be awesome when paired with some careful Feng Shui placement and choosing the right kind of crystal for your needs!

Crystal Point Meaning

Crystal points, with their distinct shape and energy-concentrating properties, hold deep symbolism and meaning. These pointed crystals are believed to be powerful tools for directing and amplifying energy. They serve as conduits between the spiritual and physical realms, making them popular choices for meditation, energy work, and manifestation practices.

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In the realm of crystal healing, crystal points are revered for their ability to focus and direct energy to specific areas of the body or the energy field. They are often used to clear energy blockages, balance chakras, and stimulate the flow of vital life force energy. Crystal points are believed to enhance the healing properties of the crystal they are formed from, intensifying its vibrations and transmitting them with precision.

Metaphysically, crystal points are associated with clarity, focus, and intention. They symbolize the power of intention and the ability to manifest desires. When working with crystal points, individuals often set their intentions and goals, using the point as a visual representation and energetic amplifier of their desires. The sharp tip of the crystal point is believed to create a strong energetic connection with higher realms, enhancing spiritual growth, and facilitating communication with guides and higher beings.

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Each crystal variety carries its unique energy and meaning when shaped into a point. For example, Amethyst crystal points are known for their spiritual and calming properties, Clear Quartz points are revered for their amplifying and cleansing abilities, and Citrine crystal points are associated with abundance and manifestation. Choosing a crystal point that resonates with your intentions and desires allows you to harness the specific energies of the crystal and direct them towards your goals.

Incorporating crystal points into your spiritual and healing practices can enhance your connection to the metaphysical realm, amplify your intentions, and facilitate energy work. Whether used in meditation, energy healing, or as a decorative piece, crystal points carry profound symbolism and offer a powerful tool for energy alignment, focus, and intention manifestation.

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