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Freeform crystals are large stone pieces with an irregular round shape that has a flat bottom. They even feature a polish that makes the unique patterns stand out even more. Freeforms are mostly used as decoration because they accentuate the stone’s alluring powers. They can also bring about some relaxation and balance into the space they’re placed in.

We offer a large variety of freeform carvings that can be found made out of Labradorite or some even rarer materials like Flower Agate crystal, Lavender Rose Quartz, Garnierite and many others. And always adding more! Read more about freeform crystals at the bottom of the page!

Standing Freeform Crystals
free form crystal

Freeform crystals are carvings that have a flat base and a softly rounded edges on top and even some sides. This gives them the typical irregular form they’re known for. And to be honest they aren’t always the same shape. These items are made out of bigger chunks of minerals that get cut down and hand carved into a curved shape. In particular, the cut and carving process is largely influenced by the way the original stone grows. Carvers will usually try to show off the most interesting parts!

Minerals used for these types of products are usually a 5 to 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness because they accept the polishing agent nicely and they can’t be scratched that easily. 

Free form crystals are very unique items because they vary from piece to piece. The polish enhances this natural beauty of the stone and gives it a very pleasingly soft surface to the touch.  Certain stones are stunning as a freeform like ocean jasper stone for example as it brings out all of the detailed patterns. Some other individual characteristics of these pieces may come as a result of the handmade process that is susceptible to certain imperfections.

Crystal Freeform

Freeform crystal carvings are a great way to bring in some more peace and relaxation into your life. If you’re feeling weighed down by the everyday pressures and stressors then feel free to try these items out! They can also amplify the individual benefits of each mineral. Thus, some will be good for increasing love and compassion in your relationships while others will bring about more focus and determination to reach your goals.

Freeform crystals can be the perfect statement pieces for your home and office décor. You can place them in your space according to Feng Shui map guidelines. The placement will depend on the mineral they’re made out of like for example crystals for protection should be placed near the entryway and soothing ones in the bedroom. They can even have some practical uses such as bookends, paper weights or bracelet holders. Another great way to utilize these forms is to use them in your meditational practices or for some chakra cleansing rituals. Even just placing your hands on them can help you with resetting and charging your energy. The shape and shine of a crystal free form makes these items look simply magical. They’re also versatile pieces for your crystal collection, alter and sacred space. These items can even serve as great gifts for all the crystal lovers that enjoy crystal gazing!

free form crystals

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freeform crystals

free form crystal