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Galena is a crystal with a lead gray shade that can often have a metallic luster and is known to be highly opaque. This crystal is widely associated with grounding and healing. It can also provide courage, self-awareness, relationship improvement and lots of abundance.

We offer some Galena crystals in forms that may include raw forms like specimen boxes, clusters and others. We even have unique combinations with other minerals like quartz! Read more about galena at the bottom of the page!

What is Galena?
galena crystals

Galena belongs to the Sulfide mineral family. This gray to silver crystal can be found in igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks along with medium to low temperature hydrothermal veins. Pieces of this crystal contain more than 80% of lead and some sulfur. Another component that may be included is small amounts of silver that only appears in hydrothermal settings. Other inclusions may be antimony, arsenic, copper, zinc and selenium. It’s always a good idea to wash your hands after handling. There could even be some other minerals found along with Galena such as Calcite, Quartz, Barite, Fluorite crystal and others.  

It has a Mohs scale of hardness that ranges from 2.5 to 2.75 which means it can be easily scratched by other harder materials. When the mineral breaks it has a subconchoidal fracture type.

Galena crystals were named after the Latin word which means “ore of lead”. The reason behind this is the fact that it’s a source of lead that has been used for thousands of years.

Where is Galena Found?

Galena can be found all around the world in some well-known mines such as the Sullivan Mine in Canada, Freiberg in Germany and Broken Hill and Mount Isa in Australia. There are also some notable localities in the United States such as the largest one in southeastern Missouri and other ones in Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. Some of the most amazing Galena comes from Peru. he mineral's significance lies not only in its economic importance but also in its unique crystal structure and distinctive metallic luster, which make it a fascinating specimen for collectors and researchers in the field of mineralogy.

galena stone

Galena Stone

Galena, a lead sulfide mineral, forms deep within the Earth through a process called hydrothermal mineralization. This occurs when hot, mineral-rich fluids circulate through fissures and fractures in the Earth's crust, depositing minerals as they cool and solidify. In the case of galena, these fluids carry lead and sulfur ions, which combine under high pressure and temperature conditions to create the distinct metallic, cubic crystals of galena. It often develops in association with other minerals like sphalerite and calcite.

Galena is commonly found in hydrothermal veins and mineral deposits, often associated with ore bodies containing lead, zinc, and silver. It can be discovered in various geological settings, including limestone, dolomite, and shale formations.


Galena Crystal Meaning

galena crystal meaning

Galena is perfect for those who seek to get to know and understand themselves more. Apart from uncovering the deepest aspects of yourself, it will also provide you with strength and courage. It’s also good for helping with compassion and tolerance within relationships. And if you’re in need of intensifying the healing energies in your life then try this stone out! It will even help with the grounding process as it balances the Root Chakra. Another great benefit is its ability to push you towards accomplishing your tasks and accumulating wealth in the long run.

The Galena crystal meaning has many uses when it comes to placing it around your space. According to Feng Shui you can put the stone in your office for mental sharpness and concentration, in your bedroom for encouraging a healthy relationship or in your living room for enhancing the family bonds. You can even combine it with Labradorite crystal for a deeper inner healing or with crystals like Obsidian crystal, Pyrite, Amazonite crystal, Aquamarine and Topaz to boost your intellect. Make sure to keep it away from children and clean your hands after handling this crystal because it contains lead which tends to be poisonous. Also keep an eye on any curious pets! Other than that, you can even gift it to someone who is in need of deep grounding!

galena rock

Galena Rock - Shop Galena & Learn The Galena Crystal Meaning

Galena Rock

galena meaning