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Black Chalcedony Stillbite

Black Chalcedony Stillbite

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If this isn't a work of Earth's natural art, I don't know what is! Striking standing gray and black chalcedony with stilbite crystal from India.  This piece has a two-tone chalcedony base with peach/orange colored stilbite pieces growing randomly.  Has a naturally black back.  This piece will stand on its own in a stable spot.  It does have a tiny wobble, so please don't put it in an area it will get bumped often.

Weight: 3040 grams (over 6.5 lbs)
Size: 8" x 5.5" x 2.5"

You will receive this exact chalcedony crystal!


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Black Chalcedony Stillbite - Unique Statement Crystal

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