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Colombian Mango Quartz

Colombian Mango Quartz

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Colombian Mango Quartz is a new find from October of 2020, and is still new enough that they are continuing to research it!  It is believed that the yellow inclusions are due to a mineral called Halloysite, but I believe it is also has Limonite in them as that is commonly found growing along side these crystals.  Either way, this new and rare crystal find has an awesome yellow ombre effect in the clear quartz. 

Colombian Clear Quartz is a beautiful formation in itself, so Mango Quartz just takes it up a notch!

The order below is on the photos with a white/quartz background.  The photos on the black background should not be used for determining location of the pieces.

BACK ROW LEFT: 3" x 2" x 1.5", 70 grams
BACK ROW CENTER: 3" x 2" x 2.5", 145 grams
BACK ROW RIGHT: 2.25" x 1" x 1.5", 35 grams

FRONT ROW LEFT: 2" x 1" x .5", 30 grams
FRONT ROW RIGHT: 1.5" x 1" x 1", 15 grams

Another small piece was added later on.  You can see the photos of it toward the end of the gallery. It is in the menu as 'Added Later'.  The limonite on the bottom of it will come off on your hands a bit.

You will receive the exact Mango Quartz cluster you choose from the dropdown!


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Mango Quartz 

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Colombian Mango Quartz - Rare Newer Crystal Find!

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