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Fluorite Ice Cream Cone

Fluorite Ice Cream Cone

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Delight in the whimsy of these charming Fluorite ice cream cone crystal carvings, available in an array of captivating colors. These miniature works of art are more than just decorative pieces – they can also stand upright, making them perfect for adorning your crystal shelf or sacred space. The colors of these Fluorite cones range from enchanting shades of purple to soothing teal green, showcasing the diverse beauty of Fluorite.

Crafted from Chinese Fluorite, these carvings offer unique metaphysical properties associated with their colors. Green Fluorite can be used for dealing with heartbreak because it’s associated with the Heart Chakra; the purple varieties relate with the upper chakras and increase intuition. Fluorite is mostly used for detoxifying energies.  Ideal for Capricorns.

These enchanting Fluorite ice cream cones are not only delightful collectibles but also serve as energetic allies, making them an ideal addition to your crystal collection. And for Capricorns, they offer a particularly harmonious synergy, aligning with their energies and aspirations.


Approx .75" x .5"

You will receive ONE fluorite cone that is chosen on your behalf.  You may not request a specific color or piece as these photos are examples only. Also be sure to check out all of the fluorite crystal options I have available, and learn more about the fluorite properties too!


Crystal properties on the Crystals And Their Meaning page. Orders are packed with love, care, & free gifts. Colors may vary due to the screen. See FAQ for more.

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