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Kobyashevite Clusters

Kobyashevite Clusters

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Teal blue Kobyashevite crystal clusters from Durango, Mexico.  You have to check out the detail on these rare beauties, but also be sure to read the info below.  I love the calming ocean vibes and color of these specimens.  And their little 'furry' coats are just too cute.  Blue Kobyashevite are great pieces for a pop of color in your home, or on your crystal display.

There is a lot of discussion on these, and no definitive answers. These are considered a 'post mining' crystal because after the calcite (base crystal) is taken from the ground, somehow copper, gypsum (the clear sparkles or 'fur') and other minerals combine or form to cause the fuzzy blue appearance. Some people say this happens on its own, and some have suggested that miners may have figured out how to help the process along using a natural solution.  I still think they are beautiful either way, and also still rare, just wanted to be honest. 


You will receive the exact Blue Kobyashevite crystal you choose! When you change the dropdown menu selection, the photo will update to the assigned piece.

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Teal Blue Kobyashevite Clusters from Mexico - Choose Exact!

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