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Lapis Lazuli Bowl

Lapis Lazuli Bowl

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Blue Lapis Lazuli bowls are not only visually captivating but also serve as practical and spiritually significant tools in crystal and jewelry care. Crafted from composite materials (aka a ton of lapis pieces put together) that blend genuine lapis pieces and dust with resin, these bowls showcase the striking blue and gold pyrite flakes.  Due to their handmade nature, there are small imperfections when you look closely. Their handmade nature adds a touch of uniqueness and imperfection, making each bowl special. They are a bit deeper blue than the photos, for some reason they photogram super bright.

Additionally, these bowls can be used as decorative pieces to display your favorite crystals or jewelry. Their striking blue color make them a captivating addition to your altar, meditation space, or any room in your home. They can also serve as a focal point for meditation or intention-setting rituals.

They are approx 4" across.

Choose your exact lapis dish in the dropdown menu. 


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Blue Lapis Lazuli Crystal Bowls - Choose Exact Piece

Lapis Lazuli Bowl

Blue Lapis Lazuli & Pyrite Bowls