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Tumbled Larvikite

Tumbled Larvikite

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Tumbled Larvikite, with its enchanting blend of black and gray hues, is renowned for its powerful protective and grounding properties.

Larvikite Meaning

This exquisite stone is known to create a shield against negative energies, making it an invaluable tool for those seeking to maintain a sense of balance and tranquility in their lives. The silver flash that dances within Larvikite's dark depths adds an element of mystique and sophistication to its appearance, further enhancing its allure.

Beyond its protective qualities, Larvikite is celebrated for its ability to clear the mind and stimulate creativity. It is often used in meditation to help individuals achieve mental clarity and tap into their inner wellspring of inspiration. This Norwegian gem's mesmerizing multi-colored swirl design not only makes it a striking addition to any crystal collection but also lends itself to chakra cleansing and balancing practices. With its harmonious fusion of beauty and functionality, Tumbled Larvikite has earned its place as a favored gemstone among crystal enthusiasts and spiritual practitioners alike.

Here are just a few of its other properties.


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Tumbled Larvikite - Black & Gray Stone with Flash

Larvikite Properties

Larvikite Healing Properties