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Metal Crystal Hedgehog

Metal Crystal Hedgehog

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Add a touch of whimsy and enchantment to your crystal collection with these absolutely adorable Gold Metal and Clear Quartz Point Crystal Hedgehogs! These charming little hedgies are a delightful fusion of nature and modern artistry. Each one is crafted by carefully attaching small, high-quality clear quartz points onto a gold-colored metal base that forms the hedgehog's face and cute little feet.

These crystal hedgehogs are not only captivating but also carry the inherent energies of clear quartz, known for its amplifying and purifying properties. Placing one of these charming creatures on your crystal shelf or in a special spot in your home infuses the space with positive and revitalizing energy.

Whether you're looking for a unique crystal gift for a loved one or simply want to treat yourself to a delightful and whimsical addition to your collection, these Gold Metal and Clear Quartz Point Crystal Hedgehogs are a perfect choice. They bring a sense of joy and playfulness to any environment while celebrating the natural beauty of clear quartz crystals.

Each hedgehog has about 25 clear quartz points on it!

SIZE: Approx. 1.75-2" 
WEIGHT: 50-60 grams

You will receive ONE crystal hedgehog that is selected for you.  No requests.


Crystal properties on the Crystals And Their Meaning page. Orders are packed with love, care, & free gifts. Colors may vary due to the screen. See FAQ for more.

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Metal Crystal Hedgehog - Quartz Hedgehog Gift

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