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Namibia Amethyst Lamps

Namibia Amethyst Lamps

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STUNNING and RARE is an understatement on these Namibia Amethyst light fixtures!  These were created as prototype lamps by one of my favorite suppliers. They did not end up fabricating more, so there are literally less than 10 of these in the world (probably less than that because I have 4 of the total ones created). These lamps were created with slices of the already more rare Namibia Amethyst, and mixed with resin to create these purple and black/gray 'sheets' that have been used.

When lit up, they have a mix of purple and pink shades against a gray background.  Take a look at the video for the details of both lamps!

The taller one on left has a metal framing around it and the bulb is attached on the underside.  The one on right is a more modern look without a frame, and has a bulb on a stand that just sits underneath (can move around).

Please note these are not absolutely perfect.  You can see some minor scratching or imperfections in the resin and edges if you look super close.

Both have a toggle on/off switch on the cord.

LEFT (taller): 12.5" tall x 5.25" wide x 5.25" deep

RIGHT (modern): 11.25" wide x 7.25" tall x 6" deep

You will receive the exact amethyst lamp you choose from the dropdown menu.


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