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Obsidian Diamond - Chakra Extractors

Obsidian Diamond - Chakra Extractors

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These exquisite Black Obsidian diamond-shaped crystals are not only aesthetically pleasing but also hold a special energetic significance. Often referred to as 'Chakra Extractors,' they are renowned for their ability to cleanse and purify one's energy field. These crystals are believed to absorb and transmute negative energies, making them valuable tools in energy healing practices. When working with Black Obsidian diamonds, many practitioners find that they help release emotional blockages, promote grounding, and enhance spiritual awareness.

Crafted with care by a dedicated family in Mexico, these crystals carry the essence of ancient wisdom and the power to assist you in your journey towards energetic balance and healing. Whether used as decorative pieces or incorporated into your energy healing rituals, these Black Obsidian diamonds are both beautiful and spiritually transformative.


You will receive ONE obsidian diamond piece that is intuitively chosen for you.
Approx Size: 2"
Approx Weight: 120-130 grams


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Obsidian Diamond

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Obsidian Diamond - Chakra Extractors

obsidian chakra extractor

black obsidian diamond