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Rainbow Ammonite Fossil

Rainbow Ammonite Fossil

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These delightful Ammonite fossils for sale, hailing from Madagascar, offer a captivating blend of natural diversity. While each ammonite possesses its unique size and color vibrancy, they collectively share a warm, tan to gray hue with a bit of an iridescent sheen. This iridescence, which can unveil a spectrum of colors when caught in the right angle of light, adds to the enchantment of these ancient relics. Please note the amount of iridescence is not guaranteed.

Ammonite fossils are rich in symbolism and significance. With their earthy vibes, they are often regarded as symbols of growth and evolution. The spiral shape of these fossils is a powerful representation of continuous change and transformation, reminding us of the ever-evolving nature of life itself. In addition to their symbolic value, Ammonite fossils are known for their energetic properties. They are believed to have the capacity to dispel negative energies and invite abundance and prosperity into one's life, making them cherished additions to any home. Moreover, Ammonite fossils have a grounding influence on the root chakra, helping individuals maintain a sense of balance, stability, and centeredness.

Whether as a collector's item, a unique decor piece, or a source of spiritual inspiration, these Ammonite fossils hold a timeless allure that resonates with those drawn to their beauty and symbolism. You can even use these for jewelry making!

SMALL: Approx .75" - 1"
MEDIUM: Approx. 1.25" - 1.4"
LARGE: Approx. 1.5" - 1.75"

You will received ONE ammonite fossil that is intuitively chosen for you from your chosen size.  Please note that colors and flash will vary, the smallest size has the least amount of flash, the largest size have the most. No requests for color, shape, flash, etc.

There are larger versions on the website too and more fossils!


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Ammonite Fossil

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Rainbow Ammonite Fossil - Naturally Iridescent!

Ammonite Fossil for sale

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